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VisionNav Robotics won the first prize of 2020 National Logistics Robot Intelligence Level Competition
Date of issue:2020 / 07 / 30

Recently, at the first National Forum on the application of logistics robot technology, VisionNav Robotics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (“VisionNav Robotics”) won the first prize of vision autonomous mobile robot in 2020 national logistics robot intelligent level competition. This award is a high recognition of VisionNav Robotics vision navigated forklifts.


According to the data of the World Association for industrial vehicle Statistics (WITS) and the China Industrial Transportation Association (CITA), in 2019, there were over 1.49 million new industrial vehicles worldwide, which 0.647 million are in China, totally 113.7 million accumulated vehicles in the world, of which 3.245 million are in China. For China, industrial vehicle market accounts for more than a quarter of the world, while the coverage of driverless industrial vehicles is less than 1%. In recent years, intelligent manufacturing has risen. The cake of driverless industrial vehicles has gradually appeared in the eyes of many high-tech enterprises. Based on the deep understanding of vision technology and application scenarios, VisionNav Robotics has developed a number of driverless industrial vehicles suitable for indoor and outdoor storage. By integrating advanced technologies such as visual mapping (v-slam), deep learning, spatial perception, servo control, cloud computing, 5G communication, VisionNav Robotics provide cost-effective VGV driverless solutions for logistics and manufacturing industry to solve the problem of logistics automation.

Vision navigation forklift from VisionNav Robotics integrates visual positioning, servo control, multiple perception and safety protection systems, with functions such as self-positioning, precise control, environmental adaptation, and safe obstacle avoidance. The core of VisionNav Robotics autonomous forklifts - visual navigation module, using a visual camera as a sensor, not only can obtain rich environmental information, but the cost is much lower than a laser sensor. By installing the visual navigation module, enterprises can easily realize the unmanned upgrading of the existing forklift and save the initial investment of automation projects.


Based on the industry’s advanced visual SLAM navigation technology and deep end visual perception technology, VisionNav Robotics autonomous forklift products ensure the positioning accuracy of the vehicle at high speeds, with a positioning accuracy of ±5 mm. It can achieve 9.4 m lifting height, which can meet most storage handling and stacking needs. The body of VisionNav Robotics forklift is equipped with a 3D vision module and a safety control system, which can adapt to carriers and racks to realize safe picking and placing and obstacle avoidance.

In addition, with the VisionNav Storage Location Detection System and Central Scheduling System, VisionNav Robotics can standardize the management of people, vehicles and goods in the warehouse, improve the efficiency and safety of warehouse operation, and enhance the application breadth and depth of driverless industrial vehicles in complex storage scenarios.

Since its establishment four years ago, VisionNav Robotics has been focusing on the development of vision technology and landing scenarios. In the face of the growing demand, VisionNav Robotics provide intelligent, flexible and reusable solutions from the top-level scheduling, machine algorithm and terminal equipment layer, to achieve high cost performance and intelligent automated storage for enterprise users. In the next five years, VisionNav Robotics will increase the market layout of the industry in depth, and provide driverless logistics solutions for more complex scenes based on numerous scene data.