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VisionNav Robotics debut in a central role at CeMAT with world's first VGV loading and unloading solution
Date of issue:2020 / 11 / 19

The demand for driverless logistics is increasing year by year, but its process still faces many challenges from several core scenarios. To breaks through core logistics scenarios and realize smart logistics, VisionNav Robotics brought its new solutions with vision guided vehicles and new products on CeMAT ASIA 2020. The presentation attracted high attentions from many industry players, audiences and media.


The booth of VisionNav Robotics is Bustling during on November 3rd morning, as many audience and mainstream media came and witnessed the release of the first VGV side loading and unloading solution by VisionNav Robotics. The event is also broadcasted live online. Dr. Li Luyang, CEO of VisionNav Robotics, made a speech saying “VisionNav Robotics has been focusing on the R&D of vision guided forklifts since its establishment, enabling autonomous forklifts to actively adapt to various logistics scenarios. This requires us to continuously make breakthroughs in technology and the understanding of the scenarios, and continuously improve the capabilities of driverless industrial vehicles in perception and motion control for complex and rigid logistics scenarios. This is a very challenging task. What we are presenting this time –A 24-hour solution of side loading and unloading at outer bay, is another breakthrough in one of the core scenarios from VisionNav. Such mature and unique solution for truck loading and unloading has been successfully delivered in many customer sites."


The following wonderful explanations and demonstrations of the new solutions/products, which combines vision technology and driverless industrial vehicles, also light up the show.



First stop at VisionNav Robotics


A 24-hour side loading and unloading solution at outer bay -- a challenge for core scenarios


Truck loading and unloading operations at the bay have a great impact on logistics efficiency. Despite there are increasing demands for automated truck loading and unloading, due to complicity of the scenarios and application limitation of the driverless technology, automation upgrade for truck loading and unloading is one of the most difficult problem for the domestic logistics industry to overcome.

The solution of truck loading and unloading with VGV at the bay presented by VisionNav is very unique: two vehicles, two different processes, randomly pick and place. Two units of vision guided vehicles load and unload the truck from both sides at the same time. One vehicle to pick pallets and the other to clamp the goods. And they do the loading with randomness, which greatly restores the actual situation for truck loading and unloading. It shows the visual technology strengths of the company: aggregating sensing, positioning and servo control as a whole.


New Solution – Automated Truck Loading & Unloading

No Modification Required, Load and Unload Trucks in One Step

Smart Black Box

Smart Identification, Environmental Detection

Smart System

Dispatch Over 150 Robots

Vision Guided Vehicle

Automatic Transportation, Automatic Truck Loading & Unloading



 Mr. Zou, Sales Director of VisionNav Robotics explained the solution visitors at the booth: “The solution for truck loading and unloading at the outer bay is another breakthrough for core scenarios, after we worked out high-level storage, and the material transit between production lines. Our solution basically does not require any changes to the sites, and VGVs can automatically transport the goods to the truck and stack them neatly, so that the whole processes from de-palletizing, loading, stacking are fully automatic, informatized and intelligentized. It can be applied to 90% of truck models, including container trucks, flatbed trucks and flying wing trucks. Such deep integration for truck loading and unloading is very competitive and innovative in the industry.



The new solution also uses the BrightEye system. BrightEye system is an environmental monitoring system based on vision technology. It is a powerful assistant to improve the matching of logistics flow and information flow. It can perform real-time detection even in the absence of lighting. With advanced industrial cameras, BrightEye can not only monitor the operating status of the driverless industrial vehicles during loading and unloading processes, but also recognize people, storage unit locations, car lights and other objects for multi-machine scheduling and risk warnings, ensuring the smoothness and safety of the entire operation process.


Side loading and unloading automation at outer bay



Exhibition Scene


Second stop at VisionNav Robotics

New Product-We are serious about making autonomous forklifts


In the new solution, two autonomous forklifts in operation also attracts many attentions. How to handle multi-vehicle hybrid scheduling, immediately respond to updated task instructions, automatically sense specified position and accurately carry out the clamping and picking operation, etc., are all great challenges to autonomous forklifts for its intelligence and degree of operation accuracy. The autonomous forklifts from VisionNav Robotics made beautiful balancing decisions and completed a series of automated operations.


The two new forklifts that officially launched at this show enrich the product family of VisionNav Robotics, and improved the ability to create more flexible, precise and intelligent driverless solutions for customers.

The counterbalanced truck VGV with clamping attachment is another masterpiece of VisionNav Robotics! With lifting height of 6m, load capacity of 0.8T (1.5T for normal fork arm), running speed of 1.5m/s, it can be equipped with a variety of different attachments (fork arms, clamps, etc.) to adapt all kinds of material, so as to maximize the value of this vehicle.



VNP15A-02 Counterbalanced Truck VGV (Clamping)



VNP15-02 Counterbalanced Truck VGV (Fork Arm)


To have both functionality and better agility, with lifting height of 1.6m, load capacity of 1.4T and speed of 1.5m/s, SLIML14-02 can operate within 2m narrow aisle for storage, which is very suitable for high-density storage logistics environment. Not like before, we don’t retrofit the manual forklifts, we design and make the SLIM forklift as an integral forklift, removing driver’s seat to have slimmer body for smoother and more flexible operations.


SLIML14-02 SLIM Stacker Forklift

On the first day of the exhibition, VisionNav’s booth is already very crowded. There will be more exciting activities launching here. From November 3rd to 6th, we will wait for your arrival at Booth C3-1 in Hall N1. Welcome to discuss with us about our driverless logistics technology and think about the bright future of smart logistics together!