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A Look Inside the Suning’s Automated Warehouse Where VisionNav’s Forklift AGVs Are Working During 618 Shopping Festival
Date of issue:2020 / 06 / 18

Suning logistics has unveiled its cloud automated warehouse in Yuhuatai, Nanjing officially coming into use during 618 shopping festival. Thereinto, the ‘Vision AI + 5G’ automated material handling solution for outbound and sorting is provided by its partner VisionNav Robotics. This is probably the biggest exploration ‘Vision AI+ 5G’ in the field of warehousing.

Automated Warehouse: from Digitization to Intellectualization

The rapid flow of business and information has been accelerating the development of logistical at an ever-increasing speed, bringing a earth-shaking changes to the entire industry. ‘Big data’, ‘Cloud computing’, what we seemed to talk about yesterday, have been gradually replaced by ‘AI’, ‘Industrial IoT’ and ‘New Infrastructure’ thanks to the rapid growth of 5G technology.

5G technology, with the advantage of greater connection, big bandwidth and low latency, succeed in bringing operation-related information to device-end, operation-end and management-end at more rapid speed, and achieving seamless end-to-end connection.

One of the major application directions of 5G technology is warehousing logistics. With the help of 5G technology, automated warehouse can step over from digitization to intellectualization.

‘Vision AI + 5G’ Energizing Driverless Industrial Vehicles

VisionNav Robotics is a tech firm working to provide driverless industrial vehicles for logistics industry. Compared to other traditional AGV manufacturer, VisionNav Robotics has been focusing on R&D of vision AI since its establishment, accompanied with great breakthroughs in warehousing logistics area in recent years.

It takes a few seconds to transmit and confirm dispatch information to automated industrial vehicles in previous unmanned projects, longer communication delays may occur in extreme situation (with bad signals or overloaded network), explained by the representative from the company. Safety distance between vehicles shall increase with rising communication delays to ensure running performance of the industrial vehicles in instable network, which brings constant slowing down, stops and restart to the industrial vehicles, and greatly limits the efficiency of the system. However, the combination of 5G technology and vision AI can bring more possibilities to driverless industrial vehicles.  


“The relationship of 5G and AI are dual-wheel drivers,” according to James Shen, VP of Qualcomm and Managing Director of Qualcomm Ventures, “allowing intelligence not just concentrate on the cloud, but also distribute at the edge and the terminal of the network.” These two technologies, empowering warehouse logistics, shall facilitate changes to the entire industry.

At present, just only few 5G cloud warehouse projects are under scaled test worldwide, and Suning’s cloud warehouse is now the largest intelligent logistics base. As a benchmarking project, new version of automated warehouse package solution will further radiate the development of upstream and downstream in the industry chain with accumulation of scene data.