BrightEye Sytem

As a part of the global robot scheduling system, the system realizes the real-time detection of the robot location based on deep learning image recognition technology.  With the help of big data and AI intelligent algorithms, the system can effectively identify and track goods, pallets, forklifts and operators in the warehouse. And the object information is feedback to the user's warehouse management system and central control scheduling system in real-time, to provide warehouse location safety information for enterprises, and assist the unmanned operation of AGV, inspection robot and other intelligent equipment.  




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The storage location detection system can identify people, forklifts, pallets, cages and operators in the storage area.  Then determine whether there is stock in the storage location.  If there is no stock in the storage location, the color of the storage location is blue.  If the goods are still in the storage location for a period of time, the storage location is considered to be in stock and the color of the location becomes red.  At the same time, determine whether there are operators or vehicles in the storage area.  If so, the corresponding warning message will pop up, and send information about the status of the location and whether there are operators and forklifts in the location area to the central control.  According to this information, the central control dispatches AGV to pick up and release goods.  


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1.       What benefits does it bring to a warehouse or distribution centre environment?

The bright eye system realizes the scheduling of AGVs, and replaces high-cost personnel operations through camera recognition. The monitoring range is large, and the safety warning when people enter the monitor area can effectively ensure the safety of operators.



2.       Is it easy to install?


The program has been integrated into the environment, and the StorageMonitor executable program can be installed with one click.

After installation, the program interface is shown in the figure below.


3.       Is it compatible with existing WMS technology?


Compatible and adaptable to existing WMS technologies.


4.       Can it work in dark or dimly lit facilities or outside in a yard?


Under the condition of dark light, because the BrightEYE system has the ability to recognize at night, it automatically turns on the infrared mode, and can complete the identification of goods, pedestrians and vehicles without lighting.  In the outdoor environment, because the bright eye system has a certain ability to resist light changes, it can avoid the influence of strong sunlight on recognition by recognizing sunlight spots in a strong light environment.  


5.       Can you give one or two examples of companies that are using BrightEYE technology? 


Case1: Petrochemical Enterprise

l  Device: VNPA series;

l  Quantity deployed: 10 pcs;

l  Scenario: Indoor line-side transfer, indoor stacking, outer platform loading;

l  Workflow:  The finished product (short wire package) has no carrier; the line is clamped, stacked and transported to the transfer location; The transfer location is stacked in multiple layers; Then the transfer location is loaded to the outer platform, the truck is a flatbed truck, and the unmanned forklift is loaded on both sides of the truck at the same time;

l  BrightEye system: The brightEye system is deployed to assist in truck loading;



Case2: Food Manufacturer Enterprise

l  Device: VNP series;

l  Quantity deployed: 7 pcs;

l  Scenario: Indoor horizontal handling, indoor line-side transfer, indoor stacking;

l  Workflow: Packaging materials (carton, film) go to production online, empty trays are replenished, finished products (chicken essence) go offline to the transfer area, the finished products are put into the finished product location from the transfer area, and the finished products are released from the location;

l  BrightEye system: The bright eye system detects pallets and storage locations, and sends handling instructions (Inclined angle);



6.       For companies that are considering adopting driverless trucks, is it essential to install BrightEYE?


In the warehouse site where many people interfere or need to schedule AGV, it is very necessary to install the bright eye system.


7.       How useful is BrightEYE as a safety feature in the warehouse? For example, does the system alert a forklift if there is a pedestrian nearby?


The safety features of BrightEye system are suitable for the warehouse environment. The system can calculate the location of vehicles in real-time. When the vehicles enter the storage area, the system will make a safety warning.  It can also calculate the location of people in real-time, and when someone enters the storage area, the system will issue an alarm. But it's not just a warning, we prefer to stop our AGV from running, and automatically resume operation after the warning environment is over.



8.       Is BrightEYE a low cost investment?


It is difficult to give specific prices, because different functions and environments will lead to different price results. However, the Bright Eye system is definitely worth the money.



9.       What are the BrightEYE system’s key USPs (unique selling points)?


l  Judge whether there is stock in the storage location

l  Safety reminder function

l  Cooperate with AGV to create a more intelligent and efficient warehousing and logistics environment.




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