VNP15A-02 Counterbalanced AGV Forklift

Based on visual driverless platform, Counterbalanced Truck Autonomous Forklift VNP15A-02 can automated different types of material handling and realize storage & retrieval of the goods, whose applications are mainly for the horizontal transportation in the warehouse and/between workshops, precise pallet stacking ,vertical picking from and placing to the racks, loading and unloading of the goods, with maximum running speed of 1.5 m/s, maximum lifting height of 3.0m, and one-key manual-auto switching mode. 

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Product advantages
  • 1accuracy.jpg

    High Accuracy

    Based on visual navigation, sensitive perception and servo control technology, it can achieve ±20mm stacking accuracy.

  • 2modification.jpg

    Small Modification

    Neither need to place magnetic tapes or reflectors, nor change the carriers or existing infrastructure,only small site modification,which greatly shortens project period.

  • 3efficiency.jpg

    High Efficiency

    Maximum speed of 1.5m/s, storage and retrieval, turning and connect the flows rapidly

  • 4low cost.jpg


    We support retrofit the used forklifts, so as to optimize the owned property. 

  • 5flexible.jpg

    High flexibility

    With mutual visual positioning, controlling and perception technology.

  • 6safety.jpg

    Safety Guarantee

    Strictly complied with international safety design standards with 5 level protection system and 360° anti-collision system. 

Recommended Industry
  • E-commerce Logistics

  • 3rd Party Logistics

  • Bonded Warehouse

  • Retail

  • FMCG

  • 3C Manufacturing

  • Food

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Automobile Manufacturing

  • New Energy

Main Function
  • Multi-vehicle Dispatch

  • Equipment Docking

  • Horizontal Transpiration

  • Material Detection

  • Carrier Detection

  • Shelf Detection

  • Safety Obstacle Avoidance

  • Auto Charging


Fundamental Technical Parameters



Overall Length/Width/height(L*W*H)


Fork Dimension(L*W*H)


Load Capacity and Lifting Height

Rated Load Capacity


Lifting Height


Motion Performance

Straight Forward(fork facing backward)Full-Load/Empty-load

1.3m/s, 1.5m/s

Straight Backward(fork facing backward)Full-Load/Empty-load


Environmental Requirement

Minimum Stacking Aisle Width,Pallet Size L*W:1200*1000mm pallet lengthwise


Working Temperature




Manual Charging Automatic Charging

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