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VisionNav Robotics is a leading global supplier of autonomous forklifts and intralogistics automation solutions. VisionNav autonomous forklifts utilise 5G networks, AI & machine learning, environment perception and servo control technologies to deliver reliable performances without human interference. VisionNav AGVs work on hundreds of facilities across the world, providing over 9m pallet storages, narrow-aisle operations, automated truck loadings, multi-layer cage stackings and other fully autonomous actions. Dozens of Fortune 500 companiesin automotive, food, petrochemical, e-commerce, 3rd-party logistics, pharmaceutical, and other key industries use VisionNav robots to make their operations safer, efficient, and future-proof.

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VisionNav® Robotics is one of the best automated guided vehicle manufacturers and autonomous mobile robots companies serving more than 30 regions around the world.

Get the most suitable AMR from the leading autonomous mobile robotics company today!

VisionNav is one of the leading autonomous mobile robotics companies that offer high-quality mobile robotics across the globe that can contribute to the advancement of different sectors.

The industry paradigm is changing rapidly; autonomous robotics and applications are taking the lead in this rapidly changing industry. VisionNav is a leading global supplier of autonomous industrial vehicles and logistics automation solutions that aims to contribute to technological advancement across the globe. It is one of the most efficient and reliable autonomous mobile robotics companies worldwide that work with the most advanced technology to improve the future of mankind by easing the industrial working processes and elevating the standard of work in different industrial sectors. The company believes in efficiency and the power of technology, and it aims to combine them to develop the technology of the future that can improve the quality of work by reducing human errors so that the world can experience the top-most quality of products as well as an improved work culture that is nurtured by science. 

Why consider VisionNav- one of the best autonomous mobile robots companies?

VisionNav develops the products using the most advanced technologies such as 5G Communication, Deep Learning, Environmental Perception, AI, Servo Control technology, etc. It also has a massive team of highly knowledgeable and professional experts who know how to use this advanced technology to develop the most advanced products that can change the working process of the future and elevate the standard of products to build the future precisely. We have already developed nine automated series of products, including auto forklifts and tractor trucks for different industrial uses. We can proudly say that all of our products are made while keeping in mind all the industrial requirements and are developed in a way so that they can meet all the industrial requirements properly. 

Because of our creativity, hard work, and dedication, we have succeeded in winning the trust of more than 30 countries, and we have also become one of the leading developers and suppliers of autonomous mobile robots. We have also deployed 1000+ products in different regions across the globe, landed 200+ projects, and reached cooperation with 50+ Fortune 500 companies. 

We got the opportunity to work with different sectors such as manufacturing, food, petrochemical, tire, e-commerce, pharmaceutical, 3PL, etc., and every time we made sure to give our 100% to our clients. Our products are not only high-quality but also ensure they can do what they are supposed to before handing them over to our clients. 

Our transparency, product quality, and knowledge about the industry are reasons customers across the globe choose VisionNav.

What are the leading technologies of automated guided vehicle manufacturers that we use?

5G Communication

As the world is getting faster, how can we be left behind? That's why we use the fastest communication technology, which is 5G communication technology that can transfer a huge amount of information within a few microseconds without any latency and also is perfect for advanced technological developments. This technology guarantees on-time delivery of time-critical information so that you can experience smooth and fast technology that can satisfy your requirements. It is the most reliable communication technology in the market, and we always make sure to use the best for our products. 

AI technology 

AI technology has become the spine of advanced inventions. We incorporated the best possible AI-driven systems in our products so that they can efficiently reduce human labor and human errors. This technology not only increases the safety of the product but also makes it ideal for everyone. Our highly knowledgeable team has incorporated the sensors to increase the efficiency of all these products, making them even smarter and ideal for different purposes.

Intelligent visual perception technology

By using the 3D laser vision, distant perception realization along, curacy, space utilization, and a precisely generated environment semantic map, the machines can avoid the obstacles autonomously without any human involvement.

Deep Learning

By replacing the traditional computer algorithm, we use deep learning or machine learning technology to make our products even more advanced and smart so that they can work more efficiently and meet all the requirements. While developing these multifunctional products, we never underestimated the importance of the most advanced technology and used it in every way possible. This amazing technology not only increases the safety and efficiency of the products but also helps them in object detection, classification, segmentation, tracking, and predicting, which eventually reduces human errors.

Large-scale multi-level scheduling technology

This advanced technology can efficiently deal with the forklifts' communication delay and motion vagueness. This technology makes the products efficient and its amazing multi-vehicle interaction strategy and scheduling algorithm make the scheduling process of automatic forklifts and other automatic robots more incremental and cluster.

Servo control technology 

The servo control technology is one of the most suitable and efficient technologies for autonomous mobile robots autonomous vehicles that not only increases their reliability and efficiency but also can increase their working speed and make their functions quieter for an all-over satisfying experience. Because of this amazing technology, the automatic forklifts can perform a max of 6 degrees of freedom (6 DOF) movement optimization to offer excellent multi-axis combined movement that ensures accuracy.

Highly-accurate navigation technology

We've adopted  3D vision + 3D laser hybrid sensors to make our products highly accurate and precise so that they can do their work efficiently in all scenarios, whether indoor or outdoor. This technology makes our products perfect for heavy-duty purposes.

In VisionNav, we make the products for the future, and that's why we make sure to use the most advanced technologies that can also support our next generation by providing the efficiency this highly-advanced era requires. This is one of the main reasons that make us one of the most reliable and efficient automated guided vehicle manufacturers.

What is an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)?

Automatic guided vehicles are an unavoidable part of the recent industrial market as they not only help manufacturers to develop industrial products more efficiently and effortlessly, but they also can eliminate human errors and reduce the chances of industrial mishaps. So, what are they? In short term, they are computer-controlled and wheel-based load carriers that are usually used for industrial purposes. They usually used radio waves and the most advanced technologies to do their work in the field by avoiding any accident or collision. These highly advanced vehicles do not need any onboard operator or driver to do their work as they come with different sensors and advanced AI technology that allow these machines to do their work on their own. Nowadays, these vehicles are widely used in different industrial sectors, especially in the logistics, manufacturing, and automobile sectors to carry loads without any human errors. They usually use the advanced communication process or radio frequency to start, stop, lift, and do other things. Because of wireless technology, it is also extremely easy to change their paths. They are efficient in meeting several purposes such as assembling, kitting, transporting, staging, warehousing, etc. Different types of automatic guided vehicles are used for industrial purposes, such as automated carts, unit load AGVs, Automated forklift AGVs, etc. As the leading automated guided vehicle manufacturers, we offer the best-in-class and high-quality automatic guided vehicles that can meet every industrial requirement precisely. 

Types of Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

Several types of automated guided vehicles are used for different purposes, and some are multifunctional. Here, we have mentioned the types of automated guided vehicles that are used for industrial purposes. 

Forklifts AGV

This is an extremely important product that is used for multiple purposes. These lifts are mechanized to retrieve stock, move and stack palettes, and place materials. These high-quality automatic products can properly replace lift trucks and Hi-Lo operators, which require proper training and licensing. In the long run, they are extremely cost-efficient. These heavy-duty products can efficiently move engines, vehicles, and other weighty products over any distance, depending on their mechanism. Talking about VisionNav, we offer a huge series of fork lifting AGV so that one can choose depending on the requirements, such as Counterbalance truck AGV ( VNE-20), Reach Truck AGV ( VNR-16), Counterbalance stacker AGV ( VNP-15A), Slim pallet stacker AGV ( VNSL-14), Pallet Jack AGV ( VNT-20-07), Pallet stacker forklift AGV ( VNL 14), etc. All of them offer highly-efficient and flexible performance and can prove themselves as assets to several industries. Though each of the forklifts offered by us comes with automatic systems and the most advanced technologies, they are made for different purposes so that they can do their job efficiently. We have the ideal Forklift for your every industrial requirement.

AGV robots 

AGV robots are not only time and cost-saving, but also they can do multiple things precisely and are beneficial for every industry. By doing different types of work using high-end technology, these robots can efficiently reduce human errors and elevate the standard of work. They can put together large parts, move heavy goods from one place to another and do a lot of other things that could be time-consuming if done manually. Our VNK-09 is one of the finest AGV robots that you can choose from. 

Being one of the best autonomous mobile robot companies, we offer our clients the best. 

The working principle and theory of Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

The working sequence of an automated guided vehicle is quite complicated. Here we have explained it in a simple way. First, the machine receives the instructions, and after that, the central controller carries out the calculation and route analysis depending on the preset operation map and the current coordinates along with the forward direction of the machine. After choosing the best driving route, the highly advanced AI technology controls the driving while avoiding collisions unless it reaches the accurate parking position of the loading cargo and loads the cargo. After that, it starts to go to the target unloading point, and after arriving there, it stops and unloads. All the information gets saved in the control computer, and the machine waits unless a new task is assigned. 

Here we have mentioned the whole process simply as it is not possible to mention the complexions here. 

Things to consider when choosing which type of Automated Guided Vehicle

There are a few things that you need to consider while choosing the right type of automated guided vehicle for yourself. Here are the points mentioned below

Understand the load

First, you will need to understand for which kind of load you need the automated guided vehicle. The choice of vehicle will depend on whether it will carry heavy or lightweight loads.


You'll need to find out whether the automated guided vehicle is compatible with your company's previously installed mechanisms and interface, such as warehouse resource planning, ERP, etc., or not.

Understand the purpose

The main thing you should keep in mind while choosing the perfect automated guided vehicle is the purpose of that machine. You'll need to understand for which kind of work you are going to use that machine. 

Make sure to go through the features while choosing the perfect machine and ensure that the machine meets all your requirements. 


Price is also a matter of concern as you have to make sure that the machine is value for money. As the most reliable automated guided machine manufacturers, we offer the best price for high-quality automated guided machines.

Frequently asked questions

What is the price of an automated guided vehicle?

The price of an automated guided vehicle completely depends on which features the machine has and for which kinds of purposes the machine can be used. The approximate price of these machines is between 10 lakhs to 25 lakhs rupees.

Do automatic guided vehicles come with a warranty?

Yes. All the automated guided vehicles offered by our professionals come with a warranty period that varies from product to product. 

What about the installment of automated guided vehicles?

As one of the best automated guided vehicle manufacturers across the globe, besides high-quality automated guided vehicles, we also offer installments to our clients. These machines are easy to install and work with.

How much weight can these vehicles carry?

It depends on which product you choose and what are the features of that product. An automated guided vehicle can carry something between 600 kgs to 3500 kgs.


February 2016
The company was established in Hong Kong
August 2016
Completed Angel round financing: Ivy capital, cocoa capital
The first project landed: JINGXING
Environment monitoring system (Bright-eye) released;
The world's first stock renovation project landed: Amway Nutrilite.
The world's first high-level unmanned stacking solution launched
Obtained the first CE certificate on ISO3691-4.
The world's first flatbed truck unmanned Loading project landed.
Released the first cargo truck unmanned loading and unloading project.
The first wing truck unmanned loading and unloading project landed

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