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With AGV autonomous forklift, damage costs can be minimised and labour efficiency can be improved while operators can perform more valuable tasks.

Get the ideal autonomous forklift to easy industrial hardwork and elevated service quality

VisionNav offers high-quality and the most advanced autonomous forklifts and AGV forklifts that can efficiently and seamlessly ease the industrial workload and increase productivity.

What is an autonomous forklift?

The autonomous forklift is one of those important mechanisms used in different sectors nowadays, especially in the logistics, construction, manufacturing, and automobile sector. It is something more than traditional forklifts as they do not require human interference. Before understanding what an autonomous forklift is and how it works, let's understand the perception of a normal forklift and its purposes.

A forklift is a traditional machine used in different industrial sectors, especially in those industrial sectors where workers need to move heavyweight equipment from one place to another. This mechanism can ease the work and reduce the chances of industrial accidents. Forklifts are usually used to carry heavy loads from one place to another. To use traditional forklifts, one must have proper training and licenses to avoid accidents. Along with technological advancement, industries are becoming more dependent on autonomous equipment that can do their work as instructed without human interference. An autonomous forklift is nothing but a forklift that does not require human interference and can do the work independently. It performs autonomous navigation that also does not require any infrastructure to localize. These advanced forklifts can map the area by themselves and do their work. Also, autonomous forklifts can decide on the most suitable guide paths and avoid obstacles using high-quality, advanced sensors and AI technology. In this case, you don't have to guide the autonomous forklift and navigate it using any communication technology, as it can easily do its work. 

What is an AGV autonomous forklift?

AGV autonomous forklifts are wheel-based, computer-controlled vehicles widely used in different industries nowadays for some obvious reasons. It is a mobile robot used to carry loads for industrial purposes. They have transportation abilities and can also read navigation through magnetic strips, QR codes, or simultaneous localization and mapping technology (SLAM). AGV autonomous forklifts are usually used for repetitive work without human involvement. AGV forklifts have high-quality AI technology and sensors incorporated into them so they can do their work efficiently and precisely without mishaps. These are usually used for industrial load transportation within warehouses and other industrial factories to elevate the work standard and reduce the human workload so that the workers can concentrate on other important engagements. AGV autonomous forklifts do not need drivers or operators to do their work as they can do it all alone. All these machines need proper guiding instructions. All high-quality AGV forklifts come with 360 degrees of obstacle detection ability and interfacing and communicating with conveyors, racking, and other equipment that are already present. They are highly intelligent machines that can easily take care of a lot of work without bothering you and your workers.

There are several advantages of using both autonomous and AGV autonomous forklifts for industrial purposes. Some of them are mentioned below.


In the long run, AGV autonomous forklifts can help the company to save money by reducing the cost of labor. Not only that, but by using these machines, the company also does not have to invest money in any kinds of unfortunate events. 

Manages labor shortages

These machines can efficiently manage labor shortages, so if you don't have enough skilled laborers in your company for taking care of the physical workload, you can rely on an autonomous or AGV forklift.

Improves safety

As AGV autonomous forklifts are completely self-driven and no human involvement is needed. There are fewer chances of unfortunate accidents if human laborers need to take care of heavy loads. It offers a comparatively safe work environment for the workers. 

Increase productivity

As you would not need labor to take care of the heavy load, your workers can concentrate on other important things that can help your company to reach its success point. Using AGV forklifts is also a time-saving method to increase the productivity of the company. Not only can these machines increase productivity but also they can offer you a better-optimized flow of goods.

Energy efficient

Though you may think that AGV autonomous forklifts need a lot of energy to work, it is a misconception as, in the long run, it can increase energy efficiency.

How much is the AGV autonomous forklift?

The price of an automated guided vehicle forklift completely depends on which purpose you are willing to use that machine. Several types of autonomous forklifts available in the market come with different features and functions, so the price completely depends on which one you need. Here are the factors that decide the price of an AGV forklift.

Capacity means how much load the AGV can bear. You have to understand what is the average load of that forklift and also what is the largest load that the forklift can bear. The capacity of these machines is not the same. For some, the capacity is 600 kgs, and for some, the capacity can go up to 3000 kgs. The price also depends on this.

The sensors

You'll also have to consider this point while buying the perfect AGV forklift for your company. Different sensors can cost different pricing.

As we have mentioned before, features are a matter of concern as not every AGV forklift offers the same features, and there are different categories to choose from. Each of the categories can have different pricing. For example, the Pallet jack AGV forklift offers indoor production line transfer and indoor material stacking, but the slim pallet stacker doesn't offer indoor material stacking. Instead of offering that, this machine offers indoor put-away and picking. So, the price of these two machines will not be the same.

Besides all, the warranty period, the technology used when developing the AGV forklift, etc., can also affect the machine's price. That's why it is not possible to mention the exact price. The estimated cost of an AGV autonomous forklift is something between 6 lacs to 30 lacs rupees.

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Which sensor is used in AGV?

The sensor is the eyes and ears of an AGV mechanism, whether it is an AGV forklift or anything else. Without proper and efficient sensors, an AVG forklift cannot work properly and can get damaged very easily. Though 2D and 3D lidar sensors are the most popular sensors used for autonomic forklifts and other mechanisms, there are also different kinds of sensors you should go through to understand the complete concept.

Safety sensors

Safety sensors include those related to the machine's safety and security, such as authorized person sensors so that only authorized persons can use these machines. These safety sensors include contact sensors, positioning sensors, non-contact sensors, etc. Safety 2D/3D lidar, bumper, encoder, etc. 

Environment perception sensor 

Environment sensors include the sensors that help AGV forklifts to avoid collision and other environmental threads. 2D,3D lidar, ultrasonic, camera, radar, etc., are environment perception sensors.

Navigation and localization sensor 

Just as the name refers, these sensors can help the Automated Guided Vehicle forklift understand which direction and how to go. It is the sensor that helps these machines to choose the ideal path. 2D/3D lidar, ultrasonic,  line sensor, camera, wire draw encoder sensor, radar, etc. are common navigation sensors.

Load-handling sensor

These sensors are incorporated so that the machine can detect different surfaces and load geometrics. Also, because of this sensor, automated guided vehicle forklifts can give indications on time in case of overload to avoid further damage. Optical distance sensors, photocells, inductive, encoder, camera, ultrasonic, etc., are used as load handling sensors. 

What is the difference between AGV and AMR?

Though sometimes people think that AGV and AMR are the same things, it is a common misconception as they are slightly different and cannot be considered the same. 

The main difference between these two mechanisms is that AMR uses free navigation by means of lasers. On the other hand, AGVs are located with permanent elements such as magnetic tapes, beacons, magnets, etc. We can say that AGVs need a predictable route to work efficiently. It either follows wires or marking lines on the floor, uses radio waves, magnets, vision cameras, or lasers, but when it comes to AMR, they come with on-boarded sensors. They are developed in a way so that they can move materials automatically without any guidance or human involvement.

So, we can say that AMRs can easily travel around people, whereas AVGs stop if any obstacle comes in front of them, and that's why they are only used in delicate areas. Both of them are widely used for industrial purposes, and both have their own pros and cons. It is also the main difference between an autonomous forklift and an AGV forklift as you don't have to guide the autonomous forklift. Still, if you choose to use an AGV forklift, it will do the work on its own according to your instruction and by following your instructed path. 

Which of the safety features is included in AGV?

AVG comes with different safety features, and we have already mentioned some of the sensors used for safety purposes, such as environmental or safety sensors. Here we have also enlisted some of the safety features that are included in AGV

Collision avoidance system

Safety laser scanner

Emergency stop system

Alarm signals

Warning lights 

Authorized person sensors, etc. 

All safety features are tested in real-time and developed when considering real-life possibilities.

Frequently asked questions

Which one is better: autonomous forklift or AGV forklift? 

It entirely depends on for which purpose you are willing to rely on the mechanism. Both mechanisms have pros and cons, and you have to choose the right one depending on your requirements. Where autonomous forklifts are better for crowded factories, AGV forklifts are more reliable if you need the machine to work as you guide it. 

How does the AVG autonomous forklift navigation method work?

Different navigation methods are available so you can choose according to your preferences, such as Laser guidance, route guidance, visual guidance, and geographical guidance. 

What AVG forklift should I buy?

It completely depends on how much load you need to be transferred or which kind of work you need to be done by using the forklift. Choose the best one while considering the material's length, width, height, and weight.


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