New Product

VNE20 Counterbalanced AGV Forklift for Indoor &Outdoor

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2022!New Product

VNE20 Counterbalanced AGV

Cost-effective counterbalanced forklift

Product Launch|Load Capacity:2.0t

From Trucks to AS/RS

Simple and smart intralogistics automation within easy reach

Flexible Agile Seamless

Adaptive to Various Complicities

  • 30-40%


  • 30 Days


  • 1-3 Years

    Months to Achieve ROI

Case Study
Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) Solutions to Lower Operational Costs and Increase Performance


Multi-Chain Cooperation. Collaborative Development.

Driverless Industrial AGV Robot Forklift with Advanced Vision Navigation

VisionNav Robotics, co-founded in 2016 by a team from The University of Hong Kong and The University of Tokyo, is the world's leading  AGV/ AMR Forklifts provider for warehousing automation and material handling automation.

Currently we have developed vision-guided autonomous forklift trucks and tractors, which have been widely applied in factories, warehouses, logistic parks, ports, airports and many other sites, helping improve warehousing and logistics productivity and saving labor costs.

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