BrightEye Vision Platform

The BrightEye System harnesses the power of extensive data and intelligent AI algorithms to proficiently recognize and monitor the current conditions of inventory placement, products, and conveyors within the warehouse.

Our Solution



Designed for use in high-top flat warehouses (linear or non-linear), this system can simultaneously monitor the real-time status of all racks.



Designed for use in lower-top flat warehouses (specifically supporting linear configurations), this system focuses primarily on monitoring the status of the rack closest to the camera.

Applicable Scene


Ground-Ground Transportatio

Adapted to standard carriers,non-standard carriers and non-carriers for automated material transfer.


Line Inventory Retrieval

Adapted to retrieve or transport inventory or goods within a facility along a conveyor within a warehous.


Human-Machine Hybrid

AGVs interact with human workers or operate within an environment where both humans and AGVs are present.

Production Features

Items Calculating
Rack Monitoring
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Safety Monitoring
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Visual Sorting
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Visual Inventory