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Realize scheduling of multiple vehicles and cross-scenarios

Robot Control System

The robot control system(RCS) provides functions such as AGV management, real-time operation map, instruction management, task management, abnormal information management, etc. RCS can also support a series of information management before, during,and after the operation of AGV.

Robot Control System

On the left side of the page are the functional options that VisionNav's RCS system can provide, which are divided into three modules: "System", "RCS", and "Monitoring Center"

  • 01. This module can access the RCS system related settings of visionnNav, such as account number settings and account administration authority settings
  • 02. This module mainly includes RCS related functions, such as instruction function, task management, AGV management, location management, etc.
  • 03. This module monitors the running status of the AGV, checks the real-time running route of the AGV and the failure rate of statistics board
  • Users and Administration

    Administrators can be categorized into permission groups, and they can assign roles with specific permissions to multiple users with the same permissions to quickly assign user permissions

    Visually display the real-time status of the AGV