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Case Study- VisionNav Assists a Respected Packaging Company Realize Green & Sustainable Automated Production

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This article will learn about how VisionNav assists a well-known packaging company realize the green and sustainable upgrade of its warehousing production and intelligent storage.

"Intelligence and greening" is the philosophy of sustainable development under the background of the global new technology revolution, this new philosophy has also been pushing the progress of manufacturing industries. As a global supplier of autonomous industrial vehicles and intralogistics automation solutions, VisionNav has been committed to becoming a promoter and practitioner of the development of green intelligent manufacturing, empowering green development to customers with highly flexible automated logistics solutions.



About Project

The customer is a respected high-tech enterprise focusing on green recycling packaging. There is 5G communication on the project site, our autonomous forklifts need to operate on the first and second floors of the warehouse, and have to complete tasks such as horizontal transport, docking with a hoist conveyor line, and goods inbound and outbound of the warehouse to achieve automated management of the customer’s warehousing and logistics.


Project Solutions

This project integrates the robot control system developed by VisionNav and WMS system into the customer's EPR system, at the same time, two VNSL14 autonomous forklifts are equipped to operate respectively on the first and second floors of the warehouse.



Horizontal Transport:  Assembly Line workers issue material handling tasks through PDA according to production requirements, then, the customer's ERP system will send the instruction to the WMS system to generate the handling task, finally, the autonomous forklift will be dispatched to complete the pallet handling task from the assembly line to the buffer area.




Docking with Conveyor Line: When the goods need to be transported to the 2nd floor for storage by the hoist, the WMS system will judge whether the space is available to release goods through the detection equipment installed on the conveyor line of the hoist. If it is available, the AGV forklift will be dispatched to transport the goods to the delivery port of the hoist. When the goods are transported to the 2nd floor by the hoist, the autonomous forklift on the 2nd floor will receive the task and go to the conveyor line to complete the pickup and transport to the storage area of the warehouse.


Project Result

Based on leading visual navigation technology and powerful intelligent algorithms, the autonomous forklift can adjust the position itself to adapt to the pallet handling when the autonomous forklift faces the over-loading of goods and the position of the pallet on the conveyor line is not accurate, no manual intervention is needed.

We can help customers improve storage space utilization and reduce space waste by planning the optimal operation path of autonomous forklifts.

The self-developed software system connects the customer's logistics and information flow, the goods can be tracked throughout the whole process, and the warehouse information is dynamically monitored, which can ultimately improve the efficiency, and realize the paperless and intelligent management of the project.



Follow Green and Sustainable Production Rules

VisionNav has certification of ISO environmental management system. In the new production base, we always follow the concept of sustainable green development throughout the process from design, procurement, production, and delivery of the autonomous forklifts.

Autonomous forklifts replace traditional fuel and lead-acid batteries with lithium batteries, reducing pollution emissions and waste during the daily operation;

The autonomous forklift enables automatic calibration, which greatly shortens the calibration test time of the forklift, improves the test efficiency, and ensures the pass rate of the forklift;

The reusable packaging box design of the autonomous forklift can not only ensure the safe transportation and delivery of the autonomous forklift, but also realize repeated recycling and reduce packaging waste;

Faster to deploy and install, no need to set up reflectors, magnetic strips on the project site, zero modification, no pollution, more energy-saving and less consumption, more flexible management, the number of autonomous forklifts and operating procedures can be flexibly adjusted according to business needs in the later operations.