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VisionNav Showcases Autonomous Forklifts at LOGIMAT 2022

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Automatic intralogistics is often riddled with challenges such as efficiency maximalisation, scenario adaption, and multi-device collaboration. VisionNav is excited to demonstrate how its autonomous forklifts can solve the above-mentioned issues at LogiMAT2022.



“This time we focused on 2 main issues – efficient multi-vehicle collaboration and material handling in confined scenarios." said Jason Zhang, Head of Sales Europe. The 2 VisionNav AGVs on show are VNP15, a counterbalance stacker, and VNSL14, a slim-type pallet stacker. Equipped with proprietary positioning, sensing, and control technologies, the robots excel in performing high-precision, high-efficiency logistics operations and have already attracted a lot of attention during the show.


In an area of less than 45 square meters, the VNP15 and VNSL14 communicate via the VisionNav’s Robot Control system (RCS) to smoothly transport pallets from the perimeter to the stacking zone. The RCS easily integrates into the Warehouse Management or Manufacturing Execution Systems and ensures an effortless merger of real-time information and logistics. "Robot collaboration is common in the manufacturing sector and allows our clients to improve space utilization”, added Mr. Zhang.



The VNP15 is one of VisionNav's most popular products, offering a wide range of functions and seamless material handling from dock to production line or warehouse. With a load capacity of 1500kg, standard lifting height of 3.0m and an optional 4.5m mast, the VNP15 covers 70% of pallet moving and rack access applications. The AGV can also be equipped with a variety of attachments for handling odd-shaped materials, such as paper roll clamps, foam clamps, stringers, carton clamps and many more.


VisionNav also showcases the narrow-aisle VNSL14 that combines the high lifting capacity of a forklift and the flexibility of an AMR. The VNSL14 has a rated load capacity of 1400kg, standard lifting height of 1.6m and an optional 3m mast. Most importantly, the VNSL14 can operate in aisles as narrow as 2.2m. VisionNav clients choose the VNSL4 to maximize the ROI without the need to alter their facilities. 


About VisionNav Robotics

VisionNav® Robotics is a Shenzhen-based company offering a wide-range of Autonomous Guided Vehicles. Our autonomous forklifts utilize 5G networks, AI & machine learning, environment perception and servo control technologies to deliver reliable performances without human interference. VisionNav AGVs work on hundreds of facilities across the world, providing over 9m pallet storages, narrow-aisle operations, automated truck loadings, multi-layer cage stacking and other fully autonomous actions. Dozens of Fortune 500 companies in automotive, food, petrochemical, e-commerce, 3rd-party logistics, pharmaceutical and other key industries use VisionNav robots to make their operations safer, cheaper and future-proof.


Paul Turskis