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VisionNav Named in Leading 100 Emerging Giants in Asia Pacific 2022 Reported by KPMG and HSBC

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Recently, KPMG and HSBC released the 2022 Emerging Giants in Asia Pacific report and selected the leading 100 leading emerging giants in the Asia-Pacific region.


According to the analysis of the report, Asia Pacific is in the midst of a major business shift as fast-growing companies tap the potential of new technologies. Technology-focused start-ups are not only increasing in number, but also in size and importance. To better understand the diversity and depth of new economy businesses in the Asia Pacific, KPMG and HSBC studied 6,472 technology-focused start-ups with valuations up to US$500 million that we saw as potential emerging giants in 12 key markets: Mainland China; India; Japan; Australia; Singapore; South Korea; Hong Kong (SAR); Malaysia; Indonesia; Vietnam; Taiwan and Thailand. In the end, the leading 100 companies were selected, and these 100 emerging giants all contained one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Leading technical knowledge;
  • localized products and services;
  • Mastering logistics channels and supply chains;
  • Successful business models;
  • Sustainable talent strategy;



As a global leader in autonomous industrial vehicles, VisionNav provides full-stack intralogistics automation solutions for global manufacturing and warehousing logistics, helps enterprises reduce costs, realizes factory/warehouse automation and intelligence, and empowers the digital transformation and upgrading of industrial ecology.


Advanced Technology and Product Solutions

Strong robust for indoor and outdoor positioning, intelligent visual perception, high-precision servo control, and large-scale scheduling are the four leading core technologies of VisionNav. Based on these four core technologies, we have developed nine series of autonomous forklifts and autonomous tractors and planned the output of closed-loop solutions from top-level systems to terminal autonomous forklifts.

The advantages of VisionNav's logistics automation solutions are:

  1. High working efficiency and high precision. VisionNav autonomous forklift adopts high-precision 3D vision + 3D laser hybrid sensor as the core sensor, combined with the intelligent control algorithm, to achieve overall dynamic positioning of autonomous forklift, accurate perception of the fork end, and the operation accuracy can be controlled within ±5mm;
  2. Scenario-adaptive solutions. There is no need to renovate the project site and change the existing business process, which can effectively help enterprises reduce costs, improve production efficiency, and realize intralogistics automation;
  3. Fast project implementation. Thanks to VisionNav's flexible logistics automation solutions and years of scene data precipitation and on-site operation experience, the project completion cycle has been greatly shortened.

With excellent technology, stable product performance, and high-quality service, VisionNav has accumulated a good reputation in the same industry and end-user fields and has won a number of industry authoritative honors. VisionNav has achieved cumulative sales of 1,000+ units at home and abroad, and successfully implemented 200+ projects.


Comprehensive Supply Chain Management

In 2022, VisionNav has invested in the construction of a new production base with a total area of more than 10,000 square meters in Hefei City to expand its production capacity, strengthen supply chain control, improve product quality, respond to the needs of domestic and overseas markets in a timely manner, and ensure on-time delivery of autonomous forklift projects.


Provide Localized Service

VisionNav has accelerated its global layout, established a comprehensive service support and marketing center, built many localized teams, and adopted localized management methods. These basic works have successfully helped VisionNav to complete the whole-process delivery of the early, mid-term, and after-sales of overseas projects, allowing our business to spread to 30 countries/regions around the world quickly.


Innovative Talent Culture

VisionNav has more than 500 team members, 70% of which are R&D staff. The entire company has a strong technical atmosphere. In terms of talent construction and training, VisionNav focuses on creating an innovative, open, and rigorous corporate culture, allowing companies and talents to grow and develop together.