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Case Study VisionNav Wins with Incomparable Stability in the Complex Scenario of Goods Stacking

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he stacking of goods can effectively improve the storage capacity of the warehouse and save the storage cost of space. Autonomous forklifts often encounter various problems such as different specifications of goods, different types of goods, and non-standard pallets. In the face of these conditions, VisionNav prioritizes incomparable stability while stacking to reduce safety risks and the damage rates of goods.


The autonomous forklifts of VisionNav adopt vision + laser sensor integrated solution to extract and identify the characteristic information of the carriers. At the same time, based on the leading high-precision positioning and servo control perception technology, it can help a variety of goods realize stacking operations smoothly, efficiently, and safely.


Application One: Goods Stacking on Extra-Wide Pallets

Client: World-renowned home appliance manufacturing enterprise

Pallets are an important medium for the transfer of goods in the logistics system. The standard sizes of pallets in my country are usually 1200mm×1000mm and 1100mm×1100mm.

However, the pallet size for this project is 2000mm x 1350mm, which is extra-wide. Due to factors such as weight, the position of gravity, etc., the safety risk is much greater when stacking the ultra-wide pallet goods, and the control ability of autonomous forklifts is also highly required.


The VisionNav VNP20 configured in this project is specially customized for the customer's ultra-wide goods. It increases the fork width on the basis of the original standard fork, and is based on vision-based navigation + laser perception technology to ensure that the autonomous forklift can accurately pick up the goods to finish the stacking at last. In addition, in the buffer area of the project, the BrightEye system is also planned to detect the operation status of the autonomous forklift and the warehouse condition in real time.


Application Two: Non-carrier Goods Stacking

Client: A large Non-ferrous Metals Enterprise

Non-ferrous metals are important strategic materials and have the remarkable characteristics of high value. In the process of transportation, the safety requirements are extremely strict. In addition, the non-ferrous metals carried by the autonomous forklift in the project are zinc materials, and the zinc materials have no pallets during fork picking and stacking.


The project is equipped with VNP15 from VisionNav. Through high-precision control and perception technology, VNP15 can detect and obtain the height of the zinc materials that can be operated, the forklift can adaptively control the lift height and retractable width of the fork, and then directly stack the zinc materials at high efficiency and high precision with non-carrier needed.


Application Three: Soft Package Goods Stacking

Client: A leading Enterprises in New Chemical Materials

In this project, the autonomous forklift mainly transfers soft packaged goods. The volume of such goods is mostly irregular, and the goods are easily deformed due to the extrusion of external force, resulting in changes in the volume and irregular shape of the goods. Even minor differences can bring certain risks to AGV forklift operations.


This project has deployed VNP15 from VisionNav, which adopts the laser scanning method and is equipped with multi-sensors. It can extract the characteristic information of the goods, detect the height error of the goods in real-time, and then control and adjust the forks to complete the precise stacking operation.


Application Four: Wooden Materials Stacking

Client: A Well-known home building material supplier enterprise

The customer is a well-known home building materials supplier. The goods transferred by the autonomous forklift in this project are wood-based materials because the wood material is strong in bending resistance and not easy to deform, at the same time, they can be cut to the standard size, Therefore, compared with non-standard goods such as soft packages and non-ferrous metals, it can be said to be the "ideal goods" in the logistics scenarios.

The project is equipped with VNP15, its rated load is 1.5t, and the lifting height can reach 3000mm. VNP15 can realize three-layer solid stacking of wooden goods, and help improve the utilization of warehouse space effectively.


About VisionNav Robotics

VisionNav Robotics is a global supplier of autonomous industrial vehicles and intralogistics automation solutions. Based on the 5G Communication, AI, Environmental Perception, Deep Learning, and Servo Control technology, VisionNav has developed 9 automated product series including auto forklift and tractor trucks for various scenarios. Meanwhile, VisionNav has made significant breakthroughs such as achieving up to 9.4m material storage, up to 2m narrow aisles transmitting, automated truck loading, multi-layer cage stacking, etc. It has successfully completed projects launched on more than 50 Fortune 500 companies covering different industries including automobile, tire, food, petrochemical, e-commerce logistics, third party logistics, pharmaceutical industry, etc.