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The Secret to Keep 100% Project Delivery---Into the Production Base of VisionNav Robotics

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At the beginning of 2022, the repeated epidemics continue to threaten human health and have a certain impact on the normal operation of global enterprises. Facing supply chain challenges, VisionNav Robotics, a global leader in industrial unmanned vehicles, has already prepared for it in advance. In 2021, VisionNav Robotics has invested in the construction of a production base in East China to strengthen supply chain management and control and ensure the smooth shipment of unmanned forklifts and 100% project delivery.


The new factory base covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters, covering the manufacturing center, quality center, and delivery training center. The construction of the new base revolves around the goals of capacity improvement, project delivery, and supply chain management, thus connecting upstream suppliers and responding to market demands at home and abroad in time. After it is officially put into full use, the base is expected to produce more than 2,000 unmanned forklifts per year.


The new base focuses on product optimization and project delivery, deploys prescient technologies, upgrades product performance, and enhances core competitiveness. On the new base production line, VisionNav Robotics' nine series of products will go through steps like assembly, functional testing, calibration, FAT, and others before they are packed and shipped to the customers worldwide, Ensuring the shipment and delivery of unmanned forklifts.


To keep the consistency and stability of unmanned forklifts, the new base has integrated R&D, testing, and application. In the test process of assembly, functional test, and calibration, the unmanned forklift is continuously polished to verify its safety and stability, so as to ensure that the unmanned forklift can be deployed quickly when it arrives at the customer site, and then the project delivery can be guaranteed.

In addition, the deep-water scenarios of industrial logistics and warehousing logistics are duplicated in equal proportions on the site of the new base to achieve breakthroughs and applications of innovative technologies and improve the core performance of unmanned forklifts efficiency, precision, and flexibility of single-vehicle operation.


Because of the current situation of repeated epidemics around the world, maintaining the stability of the production line and improving the customer delivery rate become important, Gao Junhui, production director of VisionNav Robotics, said: "We have established a complete supply chain system in the new base, we have optimized filtering standard of product quality and supply chain capabilities, strengthen audits, supervise well in upstream supply chain management, and continuously expand the important supplier base such as forklift bodies, sensors, and cameras. By establishing deeper cooperative relations with core suppliers, we can ensure a stable supply of car bodies and core components; at the same time, we will continue to develop new supply channels. Even when the supply chain faces great difficulties, VisionNav can still guarantee the smooth delivery of each project.


In terms of internal team management, we carry out comprehensive management of epidemic prevention and control to ensure the daily supply of epidemic prevention materials within the company; in addition, we make arrangements for the division of employees and establish a special emergency management system to further confirm the stability and reliability of the normal operation of the production line.