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VisionNav Robotics Keeps 100% Project Delivery Capacity of Automated Guided Vehicles

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Recently, according to statistics from China Mobile Robot and AGV Industry Alliance and New Strategic Mobile Robot Industry Research Institute, in 2021, the sales volume of China's fork-type mobile robots (including visual navigation) has reached 8,000 units, a year-on-year increase of 60%, and the market size will be about 2.45 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 42.40%. The report data shows that VisionNav, the global leader in industrial unmanned vehicles, has won the leading market share with its stable shipments and on-time delivery.


As a global industrial unmanned vehicles enterprise, VisionNav has completed 100% project delivery with high efficiency from project planning, product assembly and shipment, and on-site testing and operation, helping clients create the maximum benefits.


Highly Customized Flexible Solutions for Difficulties and Pain Points

The logistics scenarios of the factory are relatively complex, and the industry field exists obviously differences, even in the same industry, different manufacturing scenarios have various production flows, processes and rhythms. Therefore, the complicated scenarios demand cannot be solved with standardized solutions. Based on rich experience and scenarios data accumulation in the field of factory logistics, VisionNav can output highly flexible solutions to deal with the complicated pain points and demand about various scenarios.


Strictly Product Supply Management to Guarantee Project Cycle

Autonomous forklifts are connected to production lines to cope with different manufacturing processes and production rhythms, and sometimes cross-plant and cross-floor handling is required, which puts forward high requirements for the operation accuracy, efficiency, flexibility and safety of automated guided vehicles.


VisionNav has a set of strict quality review process for autonomous forklift from core components to forklift body, each automated guided forklift will go through assembly, function test, calibration, FAT and other processes. Then we will finish the packaging and complete the shipping to clients around the world, ensuring the rapid deployment of automated guided vehicles at the site of customers and helping customers quickly obtain expected project returns.


Face-to-face Service with 100% Effective Delivery and Ongoing Remote Technical Support

Project delivery is the last process of the project cycle, and it is also the most important part for the customers. Based on customer core demand, VisionNav adheres to the principle of reducing costs and increasing efficiency, the on-site engineer from VisionNav will provide face-to-face service after receiving the project, the engineer will be responsible for installation, debugging, trial operation, initial inspection, final inspection and other processes of automated guided vehicles on-site. We will also continue to provide remote service support to customers even through the project span is over.



Unified Scheduling from System Layer to Device Layer

VisionNav's highly flexible logistics unmanned solutions cover the closed-loop output from the top system to the equipment layer. Large-scale robot cluster dispatching system, intelligent environmental monitoring system, and multi-sensor fusion autonomous forklifts, and so on. All of them help realize unified dispatching and control from on-site infrastructure to production line equipment, and to full-matrix unmanned forklifts in manufacturing scenarios, at last, it can help connect various logistics processes quickly, thus achieving efficient implementation of the project.


In 2022, VisionNav will ensure the efficient completion and delivery of each project with more professional AGVs forklift and localized team services, and continue to create higher value for customers.