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Case Collection---Complex Scenarios Breakthrough, VisionNav Autonomous Forklift Empower the Logistics Upgrade of the Auto Parts Industry

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The auto parts industry is widely regarded as the foundation of the automotive industry and a necessary factor supporting the sustainable development of the automotive industry. As a powerful component manufacturing system, the intelligent upgrade of the auto parts industry will have a strong impact on the development of the whole vehicle business.

However, the auto parts industry, as a special discrete integrated manufacturing industry, will frequently encounter difficult scenarios and challenges in the process of completing the upgrading of manufacturing logistics. Now, I will introduce some cases where visionNav Autonomous Forklift has conquered the sophisticated scenarios of auto parts industry.


Scenario 1: Intensive Storage with High Racking System

Client: A Well-known auto parts manufacturers in East China.

Highlight: The maximum lift is 9.4 meters, helping reduce the goods damage rate.


The built-in racks in the client warehouse are 5-layer beam racks, and there exists a high-level blind spot. Before the introduction of autonomous forklift, manual forklifts are mainly deployed to achieve high-rack loading and unloading, and this manual operation may cause potential safety problems. However, the visionNav reach autonomous forklift can realize the maximum lifting height of 9.4 meters, at the same time, a sensing module is installed at the root of the fork arm to perform safety detection on the condition of the beam and the occupancy status of the storage to ensure the safety and stability of the goods when loading and unloading.


Scenario 2: Limited Storage Space and Narrow Aisles Rack

Client: Auto Parts Enterprise in North China.

Highlight: Inner turning radius of 0.1 meters, highly flexible forklift.


The client has limited storage space, the width of the aisle available for autonomous forklifts to operate in the racks area of the project is less than 2.2 meters (Standard turning radius of counterbalanced autonomous forklift), which requires that the inner turning radius of the vision guided forklift needs to be less than 0.1m. After detailed discussion and repeated test, VisionNav has finally deployed the counterbalanced VNP15 forklift that has high perception of accuracy and control, and VNP15 finally achieved an inner turning radius of 0.1 meters.


Scenario 3: A wide Variety of Goods and Non-standard Carriers

Client: Listed car enterprise in southern China.

Highlight: Automatic detection to the carriers, adaptive adjustment of the fork arm.


The auto parts client produces various types of components, and the types of carriers in the warehouse workshop are also various, including standard carriers and non-standard ones. For different carriers have different ways of fork and stacking, VisionNav decides to install a variety of mixed sensors like vision and laser to detect, and judge the corresponding type of carrier according to the information data extracted by scanning. Then, by adaptively adjusting the fork arm, improving the precision and accuracy of the terminal operation, and the vehicles were accurately forked at last.


Scenario 4: Plenty of Automation Equipment in Logistics Scenarios

Client: Top 30 Auto Parts Enterprise.

Highlight: Automatic connection of external devices, Integral intelligent management.


There are rolling gates between the workshops in the client base. Whenever the goods pass through it, the administrator needs to be notified to open the door. It is easy to cause damage to the goods due to manual operations and affect the production efficiency. To avoid this issue, the central control dispatching system innovated by visionNav will be connected to the automatic door, when the autonomous forklift drives near to the rolling gate, the system will send an instruction to the rolling gate in advance to open/ close, which saving the time of manual operation and ensuring the smooth flow of logistics.


With the gradual improvement of living standards, customers' demand for auto parts is becoming more and more refined, so the upgrading of the auto parts field is a main trend in the coming days. VisionNav Robotics will continue to explore the field of auto parts, provide customers with more and more flexible logistics solutions, and help realize the intelligent upgrading of the auto parts industry at our best.