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Automation Spotlight VisionNav Robotics Introduces Heavy-load Forklift AGV

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 As a global leader in industrial driverless vehicles, VisionNav Robotics release heavy-load driverless forklift VNL45 to enable internal logistics with heavier payload and higher flexibility. VisionNav’s new product VNL45 is the masterpiece in their pallet stacker type forklift AGV series. With payload of 0-4.5t and lifting height of 0-4m, it can be widely used for bulky and heavy material transportation and storage.

Heavy-Load · High Flexibility * Pallet Stacker AGV

VisionNav VNL45


Load Capacity New Record for Logistics Automation

Compared to conventional forklift AGV, VisionNav Robotics VNL45 series is equipped with stronger capacity to transport large size and heavy materials. Its load capacity increases to 4.5T, breaking the limit of conventional pallet stacker AGV’s 3T load capacity and bringing new possibilities for heavy-load logistics automation.


Extraordinary Lifting Capacity for Logistic Demands

VisionNav’s VNL45 forklift AGV also optimizes lifting capacity when increasing it load capacity. Compared to conventional pallet stacker type forklift, its lifting capacity increases from 3m to 4m, which can meet more than 75% internal logistic including material transportation in production lines, and transportation from production to warehouse.


Flexible, Stable and Safe

Apart from using vision as core technology, VNL45 is equipped with additional intelligent perception modules for carrier detection, shelf detection, arrival detection, space detection, etc. It also has 360° anti-collision safety avoidance devices to ensure operation stability and safety. Meanwhile, VNL45 has overload protection to handle 4.5t load at 6m lifting height, which can adapt to various demands in different scenarios.

Strong Capacity for More Applications

The release of VNL45 takes VisionNav Robotics to the forefront of the heavy-load forklift AGV field. VNL45 is very suitable to transport big size and heavy material, applicable to industries such as ceramic , furniture , machinery processing, etc.

"It is very obvious that VNL45 has better ability, but the main difficulty is not about building the truck body..." Yang Jianhui, Director of VisionNav Robotics, said that application scalability however is the key. Especially under complex working conditions, VNL45 not only needs to deal with onsite interference such as dust, light and uneven ground, but also needs to complete various tasks perfectly, accurately and efficiently, for example, material pick-up and drop-off, horizontal transportation, rack shelf put-away and storage, … and cargo stacking, which is widely considered as the most difficult operation in ceramic industry.  “VNL45 is equipped with the latest visual sensors and algorithm, which can greatly improve environment perception, operation accuracy and efficiency”


VNL45 is the first heavy-duty driverless forklift product launched by VisionNav Robotics. New products for the same series will be introduced later by the team, including heavy-load pallet mover AGV, heavy-load counterbalanced stacker AGV ,etc. Let's look forward to it together!