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VisionNav Robotics and Malu Innovation partner to deepen the driverless logistics market

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#Dr. Li Luyang, Founder and CEO of VisionNav (left);Mr. Cao Shuyang, co-founder of Malu Innovation (right) 

On November 5th afternoon, VisionNav Robotics and Malu Innovation announced their cooperation at CeMAT in Shanghai to jointly explore driverless logistics solutions. Malu Innovation, an industry leader in large-scale robot scheduling, its cooperation with VisionNav Robotics, a leading company in driverless industrial vehicles, is a strong alliance and integration for market pioneers.

Both Cao Shuyang, co-founder of Malu Innovation, and Dr. Li Luyang, co-founder and CEO of VisionNav Robotics, who attended the signing ceremony together, expressed their infinite vision for this cooperation.


# Signing Ceremony

Malu Innovation is the industry's leading supplier of multi-scenario large scale scheduling robots. Before then, Malu Innovation has reached strategic cooperation with many companies such as China Unicom, Dongfeng 21, Kunhou Automation, and Hai Robotics. “Ecosystem of cooperation enable win-win" has become the consensus of smart logistics companies. In this cooperation, Malu Innovation and VisionNav Robotics will deeply combine their own advantages in driverless logistics technology and the understanding of business scenario, and will work together from product development to brand promotion, from domestic market to global market, to exert greater energy and create more value for customers by enabling full-service and upgrading multi-scenario applications for smart logistics.

Malu Innovation, established in 2015 and affiliated to Zhuineng Robotic (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., is a high-tech enterprise founded by overseas returnees. Since its establishment, Malu Innovation has been deeply involved in the R&D of core technologies and core modules such as robotics, AI, big data, algorithm and IoT, and has successively launched multiple AMRAMR products and software systems. It has leading technical advantages in VSLAM positioning and navigation and large-scale robot scheduling, and provides customers with intelligent, efficient, flexible and safe integrated software and hardware solutions for mobile robots. Currently, Malu Innovation products have been widely used in many industrial fields like FMCG, retail, e-commerce, automobile, healthcare, electronics, and 3PL, helping customers realize unmanned warehousing, transformation and upgrading of automated production lines.


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About VisionNav Robotics

Established in 2016, VisionNav Robotics is now a global leader in driverless industrial vehicles focusing on combining vision technology with mobile robots to provide vision guided vehicles and driverless logistics solutions for manufacturing and warehousing logistics. So far VisionNav has developed and produced a variety of products, including highly flexible modules for driverless industrial vehicles, indoor autonomous forklifts, outdoor autonomous tractors, etc. The team have successfully broken through many rigid demand scenarios such as 9.4 meters high storage, material handling between 2.0 meters narrow aisles, automatic truck loading, multi-layer mobile material cages automatic stacking up, etc. These scenarios are widely used in e-commerce logistics, third-party logistics, 3C, pharmaceutical, fast-moving, food, automobile manufacturing and other industries. VisionNav Robotics are committed to promoting the large-scale replication of driverless industrial vehicles in complex rigid demand scenarios, and realizing technological innovation and industrial application in driverless logistics industry in China.


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