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VisionNav Partners with Nokia to Accelerate 5G Automation Solutions

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Oct 26, 2022, Tokyo--VisionNav Robotics Japan and Nokia Japan, the world's leading manufacturer of mobile communication equipment, close the memorandum of understanding (MoU) for local 5G Go to Market (GTM)-Ecosystem Technology Partnership for Japan market. The approach will rejuvenate VisionNav’s capabilities to maintain stable control management systems which could better connect to autonomous vehicles such as autonomous forklifts, Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR), autonomous tractors, etc., through private wireless and lead the innovation of global 5G smart factories and smart logistics.

Global industrial manufacturing has strived towards the era of "digital intelligence," and the integration of private wireless network technology and industrial applications will accelerate the construction of smart factories for enterprises. Based on this cooperation, both parties agreed to connect VisionNav's series of products to Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) private wireless and OT Edge computing MX Industrial Edge (MXIE) to provide more efficient Logistics automation solutions for enterprises globally.

The industrial production factory is complex. There are many cross-equipment and cross-regional collaborative operation scenarios with various production equipment. Private wireless technology can provide in-depth coverage and highly reliable network for large and medium-sized enterprises, enabling communication between devices in different places. Through high-speed, high-reliability, and low-latency private wireless networks, automated equipment such as autonomous forklifts and AMRs can efficiently deal with more complex tasks.

Local 5G technology will enhance the flexibility of the VisionNav autonomous forklift. Under the local 5G network communication, the VisionNav autonomous forklift uses edge computing to obtain positioning and perception information in real-time. The transmission and response speed of data information, such as bicycle control, speed, and pose can reach millisecond-level synchronization, which improves the stability of autonomous forklift workflow.

This corporation is an innovative exploration of digitalization within autonomous forklifts. Kiki, the Sales Director of VisionNav Japan, said, "VisionNav has experience planting local 5G network communication to a warehouse case in China. By deploying 5G modules on autonomous forklifts, we can realize scheduling information transmission with millisecond-level delay, edge computing processing of data and image information, multi-vehicle Life-Long SLAM, etc. Compared with wifi network communication, private wireless can achieve strong coverage and high-speed transmission even outdoors”.

The cooperation between VisionNav and Nokia could promote the implementation of local 5G logistics automation solutions within enterprises and help the construction and development of global smart factories and smart logistics with the advantages of both parties. Also, it will be the new blueprint of “local 5G+AGV” and “local 5G+Industrial Manufacturing”.

Donny Janssens, Head of APJ Enterprise Private Wireless Campus at Nokia, said: "VisionNav has a wealth of industrial applications and is a world leader in unmanned forklift technology. The collaboration between Nokia Japan and VisionNav Japan is a valuable and deep interaction between both parties, which will drive further technology adoption. The construction of a 5G private wireless smart factory in Japan will further expand VisionNav's application scenarios, including 5G logistics automation solutions to enable more Japanese customers and therefore generate more value”

"VisionNav has a wealth of applications in the industrial field, and their autonomous forklift technology is among the world lead. The cooperation between Nokia Japan and VisionNav Japan is a valuable interaction for both parties. The corporation will not only promote Nokia's 5G smart factories in Japan but also expand the application scenarios of VisionNav under local 5G network, continuously providing 5G logistics automation solutions for more Japanese customers and creating more value for future. "

In addition, VisionNav Japan and Nokia Japan will jointly hold a Local 5G GTM webinar on November 11th with both partners to announce their future cooperation plan for technology and sales cooperation with an emphasis on the goals of autonomous forklifts and local 5G technology applications.

VisionNav and Nokia will start from Japan to launch global cooperation between the two parties and will discuss further of global cooperation of both parties for more efficient 5G logistics automation solutions for enterprises.



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