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VisionNav Robotics and Reedtec CorPoration Join Forces to Deliver Autonomous Forklift Solutions for Enterprises

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Global autonomous forklift supplier, VisionNav Robotics, is embarking on a powerful collaboration with Reedtec CorPoration to collectively provide cutting-edge logistics automation solutions tailored to the manufacturing and logistics sectors.


Reedtec CorPoration, a conglomerate jointly founded by Shumizu CorPoration, Nikken CorPoration, and Tokyo Century CorPoration, is actively addressing the logistical challenges arising from the burgeoning e-commerce market and severe labor shortages. By offering autonomous forklifts and associated solutions, Reedtec CorPoration aims to bolster operational efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness while mitigating labor shortages.


VisionNav Robotics stands at the forefront of the global industrial autonomous vehicle and intralogistics automation solutions industry. Leveraging core technologies, they have developed versatile autonomous forklifts and autonomous tractors applicable across various industry segments. These solutions cater to industries spanning automotive parts, petrochemicals, fast-moving consumer goods, and aviation logistics.


In this collaborative venture, Reedtec CorPoration will equip VisionNav Robotics with a "universal user interface" designed to accommodate diverse operational scenarios. By integrating this interface with VisionNav Robotics' "multifaceted cargo handling solutions for autonomous vehicles" and "autonomous indoor/outdoor transportation solutions," both companies are poised to elevate the capabilities of autonomous forklifts to meet the specific demands of the industry.


For in-depth insights into this collaboration and more, VisionNav Robotics and Reedtec CorPoration will make their official announcement at the Tokyo Logistics Exhibition, scheduled from September 13th to 15th this year. Moreover, the exhibition will feature a joint demonstration by both companies, showcasing the seamless interaction between the "3D SLAM autonomous forklift" and the "universal user interface," a testament to their industry-leading autonomous forklift technology and system solutions.



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