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VisionNav Robotics and Arnold Automation Forge Strategic Partnership to Redefine Automation Landscape

VisionNav Robotics and Arnold Automation Forge Strategic Partnership to Redefine Automation Landscape

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Atlanta, GA – January 21, 2024 – VisionNav Robotics announces a transformative partnership with Arnold Automation, reshaping the automation landscape. This collaboration merges VisionNav's cutting-edge robotics expertise with Arnold Automation's focus on driving profitability through productivity.

Arnold Automation, a pioneer in demonstrating how automation reduces labor costs and boosts profitability, offers meticulous analyses of production lines and e-commerce fulfillment processes. 

VisionNav's autonomous forklifts will seamlessly integrate with Arnold Automation's logistics solutions, enhancing the speed and precision of material handling. This venture underscores VisionNav's commitment to pushing the boundaries of robotics, providing innovative solutions for the evolving needs of the industrial sector.

This partnership empowers businesses to explore tailored automation options, covering tasks from packaging to functions like pick and place, machine tending, kitting, and assembly. Arnold Automation's commitment ensures automation makes financial sense, with recommendations tailored to maximize profitability.

Businesses eager to explore how automation can elevate productivity into profitability are invited to contact Arnold Automation for a no-cost operations analysis.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in VisionNav Robotics' commitment to delivering cutting-edge robotics solutions, solidifying its position at the forefront of innovation in the automation industry.


About VisionNav Robotics:

VisionNav is a leading supplier of autonomous forklifts and intralogistics automation solutions. Their warehouse solutions use machine learning, environment perception and servo control technologies to deliver reliability and consistency. VisionNav automated guided vehicles (AGVs) can be found at pharmaceutical, e-commerce, food, petrochemical and other facilities around the globe.


About Arnold Automation:

A division of Arnold Packaging, the sole focus of Arnold Automation is to help customers leverage automation to bring down labor costs and increase profitability. Arnold’s engineers will provide a free analysis of the production lines of manufacturers or the packaging lines of e-commerce fulfillment providers. They then present a clear analysis of potential cost savings, level of increased productivity, decrease in human labor required – and the ultimate ROI.