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Visionnav Robotics to Showcase Advanced Autonomous Forklift Solutions at 2024 LogiMAT Exhibition

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Stuttgart, Germany - March 19-21, 2024


Visionnav Robotics is poised to make a significant impact at the 2024 LogiMAT exhibition, held at the Stuttgart Exhibition Center, with the introduction of its latest autonomous forklift solutions. Attendees visiting booth 6A71 can witness the premiere of the VNST20 (Pro) pallet transport model, alongside the highly efficient VNP15 stacker-type, in a dynamic showcase of state-of-the-art internal logistics automation.


In an engaging presentation, Visionnav Robotics will replicate a 1:1 scale unmanned loading and unloading scenario of trailer trucks. Utilizing container compartments and loading ramps, the demonstration will underscore the adaptability and efficiency of the autonomous forklifts. The simultaneous dual-vehicle operations promise to highlight the advanced capabilities of Visionnav Robotics' leading-edge solutions.


The VNP15 stacker-type autonomous forklift is engineered for efficiency, stability, and intelligence. Leveraging 3D laser navigation and perception technology, it autonomously handles multi-layer material operations, proving its versatility across various industries. The focal point of the exhibition, the VNST20 (Pro) pallet transport autonomous forklift, boasts a lightweight, flexible design, and high stability during the unmanned loading and unloading of goods from trailer trucks.


The unmanned loading and unloading of trailer trucks represents a significant leap toward comprehensive automation in manufacturing logistics. Visionnav Robotics' VNST20(Pro) solution, making its global debut at the exhibition, promises to offer a groundbreaking perspective for the logistics industry. Overcoming challenges such as trailer truck dimensions, parking poses, and external environments, this solution provides a fresh and innovative outlook.


In addition to the product showcase, Visionnav Robotics eagerly anticipates engaging in profound discussions and collaborations with fellow exhibitors and visitors. The 2024 LogiMAT exhibition is poised to be a stage for Visionnav Robotics to take center stage, showcasing its leadership in the realm of autonomous forklift technology and logistics automation solutions.