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VisionNav Extends Logistics Automation Possibilities at ProMat 2023

VisionNav Extends Logistics Automation Possibilities at ProMat 2023

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VisionNav Extends Logistics Automation Possibilities at ProMat 2023

VisionNav is showcasing at ProMat 2023

ProMAT 2023 has temporarily come to an end. VisionNav extends the possibilities of its AGFs with VNR16 Reach Truck AGV conducting high-rise warehousing, VNP15 Counterbalance Pallet Stacker, and VNE20 Counterbalance Truck AGV working in combination to stacking operation following load and unload from container autonomously.

VisionNav Robotics USA Inc. was established in Houston, which is a young American company with a solid technology background and rich logistics automation experience and applications. As the only AGF manufacturer presenting high-level access and autonomous loading and unloading at ProMat 2023, it communicated with hundreds of visitors daily seeking logistics automation. It is also an opportunity for VisionNav to know more about their clients in the US, thus helping them get out of the inefficient logistics operations. As the speed of manufacturing and logistics operations continues to accelerate, efficient expectations and supply chain pressures become more demanding and complex. People are looking at a full stack of material-handling solutions in the years to come.

As one of the world's largest, most influential logistics industry exhibitions, Promat 2023 brings together logistics companies, system integrators, equipment manufacturers, and logistics service providers worldwide. “This year's exhibition is extraordinary,” Brian Neuwirth, CEO of Promat, said: "Promat show promises to be the best yet. Our exhibitors are showcasing game-changing technologies and solutions designed to increase safety, efficiency, and productivity in materials handling operations, which is fantastic for building business relationships here."

VisionNav Extends Logistics Automation Possibilities at ProMat 2023

Tim J Meyer is presenting at ProMat Education Seminar

On the first day of the promat exhibition, Tim J Meyer, vice president of Sales and Business Development of VisionNav, presented a keynote speech on Autonomous Forklifts Return to the Essence of Internal intralogistics Automation: Efficiency, Stability, and Flexibility. He said in his speech: “When the autonomous forklift is deployed into the real manufacturing scene, we will see the limitations of them as well, and there will be a gap between operating efficiency and manual operations in complex workshop scenarios. There are gaps, which are the biggest obstacles for small and medium-sized enterprises to deploy AGFs and other automation equipment and to take their logistics to the next level. VisionNav has been working hard to explore the four underlying technologies of positioning, control, perception, and scheduling of autonomous guided vehicles, which improve the product's key operating capabilities, expand the product's application boundary, and allow it to adapt to more complex scenarios and processes.

VisionNav has a vast product matrix to support the needs of all scenarios, from plane transfer and conveyor-warehouse transfer to high-level access, autonomous loading, and unloading, etc. In promat 2023, VisionNav showcased the operation of autonomous forklifts in three scenarios: high-level access, autonomous loading and unloading, and plane transfer based on the intelligent management of the Robot Control System(RCS) 2.0. The two operation scenes(autonomous loading and unloading and plane transfer) are smoothly connected. People can see the single-vehicle operation, system scheduling, and intralogistics automation solution in the combination of software and hardware.

VisionNav Extends Logistics Automation Possibilities at ProMat 2023

High-rise warehousing of VNR16

The high-level access scene tests the servo control capability of the autonomous forklift and the ability to perceive the shelf. The VNR16 demonstrated the storage process of goods on the shelf above 6 meters at the exhibition site. It maintained stability and accuracy in the high-rise warehousing process, thus ensuring the safety of high-level pick-and-place goods.

VisionNav Extends Logistics Automation Possibilities at ProMat 2023

VNE20 is picking goodings

The autonomous loading and unloading scenario reflects the comprehensive operation ability of AGFs. In reality, the parking position of trucks is very random. AGF needs to adjust the positioning of the forklift accurately according to the parking position of the truck. When entering and leaving the truck compartment, it not only must be accurate To perceive the compartment space of different sizes, but it is also necessary to perceive the position of materials and vehicles in the compartment. In addition, it also needs to face interference factors such as the boarding bridge's slope, the ground's flatness, and changes in light. VNE20 is equipped with vision + 3D laser SLAM to extract environmental image information, synchronously locate and create maps, accurately identify road conditions on the ground, notify combined with intelligent algorithms and simulation modeling calculations, accumulate project data, and continuously adjust and optimize the driving speed and acceleration of autonomous forklifts, etc. to realize unmanned loading and unloading operations in dynamic and complex environments.

VisionNav Extends Logistics Automation Possibilities at ProMat 2023

VNP15 is collaborating with VNE20

Plane transfer and stacking scenes are closely connected with autonomous loading and unloading. With vision + 3D laser SLAM technology, VNP15 can cope with complex, large-scale logistics scenarios, not limited to indoors. Still, it can freely switch between indoor and outdoor scenarios, closely connecting different processes with stable and efficient operation efficiency and realizing the internal logistics of all logistics automation processes.

The difficult scene restoration and excellent product operation ability attracted the attention of the audience, SME customers and integrators at the exhibition site, and many of them expressed their intention to cooperate further. Tim J Meyer said: "We saw many small to medium-sized companies seeking to expand their market share via automation. We are very excited to help them get out of the dragging logistics process and increase their production output in a very short term.”

VisionNav Extends Logistics Automation Possibilities at ProMat 2023

VNSL14 is collaborating with AMR at CoEvoluiton's booth

In this exhibition, the VisionNav AGF also appeared in the booth of the strategic partner CoEvolution. Under the management of the CoEvolution dispatching system, a slim14 pallet stacking AGF and AMR work together to present customers with the scalability and collaboration of logistic robots.

VisionNav Extends Logistics Automation Possibilities at ProMat 2023

With Mike Colby from SICK Sensor Intelligence 

Mike Colby, Head Of Logistics Automation at SICK Sensor Intelligence, visited the VisionNav booth and had in-depth discussions on new automation technologies and security strategy frameworks for autonomous forklifts to build an even safer logistics automation working scenario.

Accelerating the transformation of manufacturing logistics and warehousing logistics cannot be done by one company and requires the cooperation of upstream, midstream, and downstream companies, which is also one of the purposes of this show. VisionNav hopes to join hands with more partners to promote the innovative development of global enterprises' intralogistics, full-scenario automation, and digitalization.

The Promat exhibition has come to an end, but the footsteps of VisionNav have not stopped. Our showroom will open in April, and there will be more exciting shows then. Hope to see you there!



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