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‘Logis-Tech Tokyo 2022’ Review: Full-Scene Solution, New Product Introduction!

‘Logis-Tech Tokyo 2022’ Review: Full-Scene Solution, New Product Introduction!

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Tokyo, Sep 13, 2022 — VisionNav, a global supplier of autonomous forklifts, presented the Full-scene logistics automation solution including one new product and two systems, and later presents a demonstration in three settings at Logis-tech Tokyo (LTT) 2022 catering to the trend of ‘scenario-driven’ logistics automation.

VisionNav Showcased at LTT2022
VisionNav Showcased at LTT2022

As with the growth of intelligent technology, technologies such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and industrial robots have influenced all walks of life, and logistics automation has become a hot spot for enterprises when they’re trying to realize intelligence in various industries. Focusing on the demand of companies concerning logistics automation solutions, VisionNav helps provide a cluster of projects in terms of operation area, allowing users to experience the changes brought by technology in light of operation efficiency, full-scene coverage capacity, and intelligent system. 

Full-Scene Logistics Automation

Kiki, general manager of VisionNav Japan, believes that "when companies consider buying logistics robots to achieve logistics automation, what they need is not only fitting the robots in one scene but a full-scene solution throughout the entire logistics process". A complete logistics scene includes main logistics hardware such as loading and unloading trucks, plane transshipment, and inbound and outbound storage. VisionNav booth at LTT is divided into 3 scenes: truck loading and unloading, in-N-out warehouse, and end-to-end production line transfer where each scene is equipped with completely different automated guided forklifts (AGF) and tools: pallets, material frames, and cages, which are the most widely used carriers by Japanese companies.

VisionNav AGF VNE20
VisionNav AGF VNE20

"You can trust VisionNav in loading and unloading heavy trucks since we are currently the only company in the world that has helped truck companies realize safe and autonomous loading and unloading processes, such as flatbed trucks, gull-wing trucks, and container trucks. In the case of a truck loading and unloading scenario where a 9-meter gull-wing is fully loaded with double-layer pallets (1200x1000mm). VisionNav uses VNE20 autonomous forklifts that can unload on both sides within 20 minutes. It is worth mentioning that VNE20 is the world's first outdoor electric autonomous forklift with a load of 2.0T. Equipped with vision + 3D laser Slam positioning and perception technology, it is the mainstream vehicle in the current autonomous loading and unloading scene.

Two Major System Upgrading: RCS2.0 and Bright-Eye Inventory

-VisionNav RCS 2.0. RCS (Robot Control System) is a management system that connects the user's WMS/MES/ERP system, meanwhile dispatching mobile robots. The basic functions of RCS include task distribution, equipment management, robot scheduling, and task tracking. Version 2.0 has been upgraded in terms of algorithms, functions, and exception strategies. When large-scale scheduling of autonomous forklifts is used, path re-planning is more flexible, and steering and waiting strategies are more intelligent, which can effectively prevent problems such as locking and traffic jams with a dynamic calculation of global paths and real-time planning of single-vehicle paths. According to the feedback data from the project site, the overall operational efficiency of the multi-vehicle mixed-run business process of the same scale has been increased by 10%.

-Bright-Eye Inventory. Bright-Eye Inventory is a natural innovator. The design concept of Bright-Eye is completely different from that of other mobile robots. The mobile robot senses the surrounding environment by installing sensors on the body of the vehicle, and Bright-Eye transmits environmental information to the mobile robot by installing cameras in the environment. The main application of Bright-Eye is the monitoring of the line edge area (WIP). When the goods in the area meet a certain condition (such as a full warehouse), the RCS dispatches the robot to carry out the material handling operation. The camera can be installed on the top (≥5m) or the wall (2m-5m). Bright-Eye Inventory focuses on the cargo inventory function. It takes advantage of 3D technology to measure the volume of each pallet and generates the number of cargo in 3 seconds, greatly improving the efficiency of the inventory.

Bright eye system
Bright eye system

O-Series Introduction

One year after, VisionNav launched the O-series SLIM version VNO10 after VNO15. This blockbuster robot mainly focuses on flexible material handling in dense storage scenarios, especially the handling of oversized materials (L≥1.5m). The new O-Series inherits the functions of traverse and 360° in-situ rotation and has been upgraded in positioning and perception accuracy. The new product is equipped with a vision + 3D laser SLAM positioning module and a perception module, making it more flexible when dealing with complex scenes.

Kiki stated that compared with similar products, the algorithm of VNO10 is superior, and the advantage is obvious in terms of flexible driving and work efficiency. In addition, VNO is also equipped with forward-moving forks, which can dock more types of goods. The series is speeding up its delivery time. Mass delivery will be achieved in the second quarter of next year at the earliest.

VisionNav VNO10 AGF
VisionNav VNO10 AGF

VisionNav Robotics

VisionNav® Robotics is a leading global supplier of autonomous industrial vehicles and intralogistics automation solutions. Based on AI, Perception, Deep Learning, and Servo Control technology, VisionNav has developed 9 product series for full-stack scenarios. By now VisionNav has served more than 30 countries and deployed 200+ projects around the globe, and reached cooperations with 50+ Fortune 500 companies, covering auto manufacturing, tire, food, petrochemical, e-commerce, 3PL, pharmaceutical, and other industries.


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