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VNR 20

VNR 20

The VNR 20 is a reach truck AGV/AMR designed to achieve automatic and flexible material handling, material inbound and outbound, without changing the existing procedures or infrastructures, which greatly improves logistics efficiency.


Product Advantages

Multi-vehicle Scheduling


Self-adaptive Fork

Warehouse Location Detection



Rated Load Capacity

Up to 11455mm(450in)

Fork Lift Height


Minimum Turning Radius


Maximun Driving Speed


Min. Stacking Aisle Width


Min. Turning Aisle Width

Additional Information:

1.Lifting Height: Standard triple telescopic mast provides a lifting height of 285 in (7255 mm); optional mast configurations allow lifting heights of 336 in (8555mm), 372 in (9455mm), 411 in (10455mm), and 450 in (11455mm).

2.Fork Accessories: Standard configuration includes a Sideshift; Customizable fork length, fork width, and supporting legs width.
3.Optional Accessories: 5G Communication Module, Battery Heating Module, Battery Trolley, Safety Bumper, Cargo Overheight Detection, UWB Kit, Bar Code Scanner, RFID Reader, Dashcam, among others.
4.Load Capacity variation: Optional masts, attachments, longer load dimensions or higher lifting heights may result in a derating of capacity.
5.Performance Specifications: Specifications are based on the model equipped with a 285 in (7255 mm) triple telescopic mast.
6.Product Updates: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice; contact your dealer for the latest information.

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