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VNR 16


The VNR16 is a reach truck AGV/AMR designed to achieve automatic and flexible material handling both indoor and outdoor, and material inbound and outbound, without changing the existing procedures or infrastructures, which greatly improves logistics efficiency.


Product Advantages

Multi-vehicle Scheduling


Self-adaptive Fork

Warehouse Location Detection



Rated Load Capacity

Up to 9455 mm(372in)

Fork Lift Height


Minimum Turning Radius


Maximun Driving Speed


Min. Stacking Aisle Width


Min. Turning Aisle Width

Additional Information

1.Lifting Height: Standard triple telescopic mast provides a lifting height of 225 in (5755 mm); optional mast configurations allow lifting heights of 285 in (7255 mm), 336 in (8555 mm) and 372 in(9455 mm).
2.Fork Accessories: Standard configuration includes a Sideshift; Customizable fork length, fork width, and supporting legs width.
3.Optional Accessories: 5G Communication Module, Battery Heating Module, Battery Trolley, Safety Bumper, Cargo Overheight Detection, UWB Kit, Bar Code Scanner, RFID Reader, Dashcam, among others.
4.Load Capacity variation: Optional masts, attachments, longer load dimensions or higher lifting heights may result in a derating of capacity.
5.Performance Specifications: Specifications are based on the model equipped with a 225 in (5755 mm) triple telescopic mast.
6.Product Updates: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice; contact your dealer for the latest information.

Application Scenarios

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