Solution Engineer

Solutions | USA/Europe | Social Recruitment | 2022.11.02


1. in the pre-sales segment of the project, cooperate with the company's sales staff and interface with the user department, equipment department or IT department of Party A on technical requirements.
2. in the project pre-sales link, complete the warehouse logistics automation solution based on the company's self-developed vision-guided unmanned forklift/tractor system.
3. in the project bidding session, based on the solution, complete the project technical bid writing, the core content includes: project plan, product selection, technical parameters, acceptance methods, time points, etc..
4. in the project bidding session, assist the company's sales staff to explain and answer questions on the content of the technical bid.
5. before project commissioning, train the company's project department commissioning after-sales team for the project plan, acceptance methods and time points in the technical tender.
6. in the daily work, to collect and organize the qualifications, certifications, patents, etc. required by the bidding process.


1. bachelor degree or above, majoring in electrical automation or mechanical automation or other related majors, English can be used as working language.
2. proficient in using drawing, simulation, animation software and office software.
3. rigorous and logical work, a strong sense of confidentiality and a strong sense of enterprise.
4. good communication skills and teamwork, as well as analytical and problem-solving skills.
5. be able to adapt to regional travel.
6. Experience in industrial mobile robots (AGV), automation equipment integration and other related industry pre-sales solutions is preferred.

The U.S. office is in Atlanta and the European office is in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

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