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Mixed Navigation Technology To Try on Your Next Logistics Scene

Mixed Navigation Technology To Try on Your Next Logistics Scene

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 VisionNav Robotics always puts work efficiency, customer needs, and pain points at the top of product development. The four series of autonomous forklifts, Slim, P, R, and E, all with CE markers, are expected to expand the boundaries of the logistics process based on the mixed navigation method of vision + 3D laser navigation.

VNE20 Counterbalance Truck AGV

VNE20 Counterbalance Truck AGV

Since autonomous forklifts entered the logistics market, the positioning and navigation methods of autonomous forklifts in the industry have been gradually upgraded from the initial magnetic strip/magnetic nail navigation, two-dimensional code navigation, and laser reflector navigation to 2D laser SLAM navigation. The level of intelligence of autonomous forklifts is getting higher and higher, as with customers' demands for breaking the boundaries in varied logistics scenarios.

Traditional magnetic strip/pin navigation, QR code navigation, and laser reflector navigation methods have shortcomings and limitations, such as high deployment costs and long deployment time. The old fashion has high requirements for scene adaptation and needs more flexibility. 2D laser SLAM is superior to traditional navigation in these aspects but is also bound by the deficiencies of 2D laser sensor:

  • Most of the application scenarios containing 2D laser SLAM-led autonomous forklifts rely heavily on the degree of inclination and flatness of the ground;
  • The view of the sensor is quite limited, which makes it easy to get affected by dynamic objects in the working scene;
  • Accurately measured high-reverse strips are needed as an enhancement tool for complex and varied logistics scenarios, such as dense high-stacking and high-cage scenarios. However, this will increase the cost of reconstruction and maintenance afterward.

With visual+3D laser navigation technology, autonomous forklifts can tackle complex and large-scale logistics scenes. The multi-modal navigation based on vision and the 3D laser aims for a more flexible logistics process catering to user demand. In light of this navigation route, autonomous forklifts are no longer limited indoors and are endurable to the raw ground in outdoor working places. Thus, the AGVs can be applied to general indoor and outdoor logistics workflow, including climbing up and down slopes angled less than 15°, enabling a free switch between indoor and outdoor scenarios.

For common logistics scenarios, such as truck-tail loading and unloading at the platform, autonomous forklifts with vision + 3D laser navigation have seen improvement in supporting the loading and unloading of the platform to realize a complete workflow from unloading at the platform and then entering the warehouse indoor and vice versa. This process improves the continuity of AGVs workflow, thereby increasing operating efficiency from loading and unloading to production logistics.

Meanwhile, for the common sight such as dense and high stacking and dense and high material cages picking scenarios in the warehouse, VisionNav’s AGVs with vision + 3D laser navigation can adapt and support excellently, without concerns of external changes, further expanding the flexibility of autonomous logistics.

3D Modeling of the logistics Scene

3D Modeling of the logistics Scene

VisionNav keeps exploring the boundary of logistics with takes vision + 3D laser navigation-led autonomous forklift while still maintaining the precision and efficiency that a forklift product should have without cutting the cost. 3D drawing accelerates the deployment time in the pre-construction stage of the project. In a warehouse of tens of thousands of square meters, VisionNav autonomous forklifts can complete the automatic construction of map models within 10 minutes. Vision + 3D laser navigation can help with densely stacked warehouses in logistics operations. In complex scenarios such as high-level access and platform loading and unloading, it can realize accurate pick-and-place (error ±5mm), further improving the efficiency and accuracy of autonomous forklifts.

Vision + 3D laser Navigation Application

In the autonomous loading and unloading scene known as the "highland" of internal logistics, VisionNav has successfully completed low-rail truck autonomous loading and unloading with the help of vision + 3D laser navigation.

Working Scene of VNE20 with Vision+3D Laser Navigation

Working Scene of VNE20 with Vision+3D Laser Navigation

To cope with the obstacles such as ditches on the ground, uneven car boards, and inclined slopes between the boarding bridge and the ground in the internal logistics upgrade project of the enterprises. VisionNav Model VNE20 counterbalance truck AGV (2T/3.5T models) is equipped with vision+3D laser SLAM to extract environmental image information, synchronize positioning and create maps (nature-feature), and accurately identify ground road conditions. At the same time, combined with intelligent algorithms and simulation modeling calculations, project data is accumulated, and autonomous forklifts are constantly adjusted and optimized in terms of driving speed, acceleration, forklift height, etc., to achieve efficient and safe operations in dynamic and complex environmental scenarios.

VisionNav AGVs with vision + 3D laser navigation are featured with high environmental adaptability that reduces project construction time, delivery cycles, and customer costs and improves ROI. Take VNE20 as an example. In an application recently, it has successfully enhanced the warehouse cargo turnover rate and loading efficiency with 30 pallets/hour of goods.

The logistics market is seeing a growing demand for intelligent automation, which has led to many breakthroughs and innovations over the past few years. VisionNav is always there to embrace the change and to help businesses fulfill their needs and fit in with the rest of their operation.

About VisionNav Robotics

VisionNav® Robotics is a global supplier of autonomous industrial vehicles and intralogistics automation solutions. Based on 5G networks, AI&Machine Learning, Environmental Perception, Deep Learning, and Servo Control technology, VisionNav has developed 9 product series for full-stack scenarios to automate industry logistics. VisionNav has served more than 30 countries and deployed 200+ projects around the globe, and partners with 50+ Fortune 500 companies, covering auto manufacturing, tire, food, petrochemical, e-commerce, 3PL, pharmaceutical, and other industries.


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