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Bloomberg Exclusive | Coupang Deploys More Than 50 VisionNav AGVs at its Fulfillment Center in Daegu

Bloomberg Exclusive | Coupang Deploys More Than 50 VisionNav AGVs at its Fulfillment Center in Daegu

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Coupang Inc., the South Korean e-commerce pioneer, showed the world its fulfillment center in Daegu earlier this month. According to Bloomberg Exclusive, the center is a high-tech delivery center integrating artificial intelligence and automated logistics technology. The Daegu fulfillment center demonstrates how advanced logistics technology can assist human labor and provides an imagination for the future logistics world.

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According to the EconoTimes, Coupang's fulfillment center in Daegu has a total of 12 floors, equivalent to 45 football fields. More than fifty VNP15 Counterbalance Stacker AGVs and robot control systems(RCS) are deployed on the fulfillment center's seventh and ninth floors, and each can carry 1500kg of goods. VNP15 can realize ground storage and autonomous inbound and outbound palletized goods, improving logistics efficiency overall. These AGVs corporate in one area. Through RCS, the operation route of each AGV is intelligently planned to avoid collisions and deadlocks, which increases overall efficiency on site.


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"AGVs reduced the total workload by 65 percent as the robots deliver the shelves with hundreds of products to their designated station within an average of two minutes." Korea's Joongang Daily quoted Kim Chun Sung, the senior manager at Coupang Fulfillment Center. The automation upgrade of the Daegu fulfillment center has led it to the next-generation warehouse.

- “There are more expansion plans,” E.J. Choi, regional director of the fulfillment services, told BloombergTV: at the Daegu fulfillment center. The new facility provides a model for improving the “effectiveness of how we operate to continue to deliver our customer service while we are reducing the intensity of our workers’ workloads.” E.J. Choi also said: "These robots in the Daegu fulfillment center are equipped with a very modular and flexible system, which is easy for us to replicate in other locations."


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Statistics show Coupang has more than 100 delivery and logistics centers in South Korea. Under the guidance of Bom Kimd, founder of Coupang, the company is promoting the expansion of overseas market business. Shawn Yang, an analyst at Blue Lotus Capital Advisors, said this might be the most challenging task for Coupang, as it must race with big tech companies such as Amazon and Alibaba.


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Starting from the Daegu fulfillment center, Coupang is seeing more robot projects on their way. With the help of advanced artificial intelligence, robots, and other technologies to achieve automation upgrades, Coupang may usher in a gratifying financial figure. Some analysts predict it will report its first annual operating profit in 2023.

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