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Cooperate with Automotive Trim Manufacturer, VisionNav Robotics Builds Smart Factory with Driverless Solutions

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The industry chain of automotive manufacturing is the second largest industry of rigid demand in China, characterized by high technical requirements, strong integration, large numbers of parts, high added value. However for its warehousing logistics transformation and upgrades, it is still in the exploratory stage, especially when the front business flow and the consumption structure are changing constantly at this stage, automotive manufacturing enterprises have to change its manufacturing mode into make-to-order and flexible production. Without the help of smart production, companies may lose its original cost advantage, which puts forward higher requirements for enterprises to reduce cost and increase efficiency in warehousing and transportation.

Smart warehousing and material handling design is one of the core parts for enterprises to build smart factory. VisionNav Robotics has provided flexible, cost-effective driverless warehousing logistics solutions for many auto parts enterprises, deeply knowing that scattered parts, insufficient storage capacity, short supply cycle, busy delivery route of WIP goods for production workshop, low efficiency of manual material handling are pain points to be solved.

One of the enterprises that VisionNav Robotics served is a global top 3 international comprehensive automotive trim manufacturer, as one of the Automotive News ' ranking of global suppliers, its customers cover more than 40 well-known automakers. In this project, customer’s factory covers an area of more than 90,000 square meters, making it one of the few pioneers in the industry to realize material handling automation upgrade for its entire warehouse.

Photo of Customer Site

It is an honor for VisionNav Robotics to participate in the construction of this project and to provide customers with driverless solution for logistics nodes inside the warehouse. Without adding infrastructure or changing original operation processes, vision guided industrial vehicles provided by VisionNav can help to realize automated material handling and seamless connections of all the links in the warehouse.

Pallet stacker automated guided forklift VNL14-01 used in this project, can replace human to load and unload material from/to high racking shelves, and transit goods between raw material warehouse and production line buffer area. Its rated load is 1.4t, running speed can reach 1.5m/s, and maximum lifting height can be extended from 2.9m to 4.8m in order to adapt customer’s racking height onsite. It is also equipped with auto charging function, when battery level drops to a certain range, the automated guided forklift will automatically go to charging station and return to working area when fully charged. 

 VNL14-01 Auto Charging


Controlled by customer’s WMS system, VisionNav’s automated guided forklift can also collaborate with AMRs onsite. After VNL14-01 forklift transport goods from unload area to the buffer area, AMR will receive commands to take over the next stage of work, that is, to transport goods from buffer area to the production line. There is no delay in the process, ensuring the timeliness and accuracy of the material supply.

Collaboration with AMR

Providing flexible driverless solutions, reducing customer spending in the links of logistics nodes, and improve its cost advantage has always been the core value of VisionNav Robotics. VisionNav will continue to work on logistics driverless scenarios with rigid demands in vertical fields in the future, to deeply understand the logistics pain points and actual requirement of the smart factories, so as to bring more business values to our customers.


More Auto Part Projects to Come

VisionNav Robotics has been working on rigid-demand scenarios in auto part industry for many years, and has delivered successfully multiple driverless logistics projects, receiving high praise from customers.

2018 Project

About VisionNav Robotics

Established in 2016, VisionNav Robotics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a global leading company in driverless industrial vehicles. Focuses on combining vision technology with mobile robots, VisionNav provides driverless industrial vehicles and driverless logistics solutions for manufacturing logistics and warehousing logistics. At present, it has developed and produced a variety of highly flexible products such as driverless industrial vehicle modules, indoor automated forklifts, outdoor automated tractors, etc., breaking through rigid-demand scenarios including 9.4 meters high storage, 2.0 meters narrow aisle storage, automated truck loading and unloading, multi-layer mobile racks stacking, which are widely used in e-commerce logistics, third-party logistics, 3C, pharmaceutical, FMCG, food, automobile manufacturing and other fields. VisionNav Robotics are committed to promoting large-scale replication of driverless industrial vehicles in complex rigid demand scenarios, and realizing technological innovation and industrial application in China’s driverless logistics industry