BrightEye Inventory System

BrightEye Inventory System utilizes camera vision and 3D laser radar static scanning to get precise point cloud modeling for inventory counting, category recognition, and damage detection of goods

Our Solution

Our Solution
  • Detect irregularly shaped cargo on pallets, stacked goods, and regular-shaped cargo(including defective items);

  • Monitors the status of goods in real-time regardless of the arrangement of the goods;

  • Category/brand recognition, numbers counting, and volume measurement.

Applicable Scene


Docking Conveyor

AGV autonomously docking conveyor, then conducts loading or unloading goods onto or from the conveyor.


Cache Buffer Inventory

AGVs autonomously navigate to the cache buffer, pick up items, and transport them to other parts of the facility or production line as needed.


Cold Storage Inventory

AGVs are responsible for moving items to and from cold storage areas.

Production Features

Items Calculating
Items Calculating
Items Calculating
Pallet Load Detection
Items Calculating
Category / Brand Detection
Items Calculating
Items Calculating