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VisionNav Robotics Working with BPS Global to Explore the Future Of Logistics Robot Automatic Navigation Forklift

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With many retailers and restaurants were closed during the coronavirus lockdown, enterprises gradually realized the importance of e-commerce people are relying on e-commerce more than ever. Enterprises are exploring how logistics automation technology to be a major role and beneficial to E-Commerce business. The Automated Guided Forklifts (AGF) is a good solution to meet the rising demand for automation technology in logistics area, the increasing popularity of AGFs is due to the cost savings and operational efficiencies that can be gained in manufacturing and distribution facilities.

Before the Chinese Spring Festival, BPS global invited Ms. Gigi Ye, Overseas Sales Director of VisionNav Robotics, to introduce automated guided forklift, and  technological innovation in driverless logistics industry and industrial application for driverless logistics, represented by automatic navigation forklift.


Gigi also share customer cases to how automated guided forklift can operate. One of the mentioned customer is a large commodity manufacturer. The automated guided forklifts retrofitted by VisionNav Robotics can pick and put-away material at the height of more than 9 metres, with deviation of less than 10mm, helping customer to realize automated storage flexibly and intensively in their raw material and finished goods warehouse. Project ROI is only 18 months.


During the webinar, Gigi also mentioned that one of the disadvantage of ASRS is that customer needs to buy the whole at one time, and it is not able to be moved away or removed at will after installation.

As for logistics mobile robots, AGVs and AGFs, by partial upgraded and transform into driverless, number of robots can be scaled up or down when increasing or decreasing the scale of production or storage, to realize fully automation with low input cost.


Gigi also introduce how they combine vision technology and forklift. In simple words, the role of vision technology in AGF mainly lies in three parts:

  • First is mapping and positioning. With the help of vision sensor AGF can build its map with V-SLAM.
  • Second is perception. Vision sensors enable AGV with excellent perception ability to accurately detect and identify the position of pallets, goods and even people.
  • Third is control and operation.

Based on the map positioning and perception, AGF will have a certain adaptive ability, and it can control and adjust its pose at any time according to different situations.

About VisionNav Robotics

Established in 2016, VisionNav Robotics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a global leading company in driverless industrial vehicles. Focuses on combining vision technology with mobile robots, VisionNav provides driverless industrial vehicles and driverless logistics solutions for manufacturing logistics and warehousing logistics. At present, it has developed and produced a variety of highly flexible products such as driverless industrial vehicle modules, indoor automated forklifts, outdoor automated tractors, etc., breaking through rigid-demand scenarios including 9.4 meters high storage, 2.0 meters narrow aisle storage, automated truck loading and unloading, multi-layer mobile racks stacking, which are widely used in e-commerce logistics, third-party logistics, 3C, pharmaceutical, FMCG, food, automobile manufacturing and other fields. VisionNav Robotics are committed to promoting large-scale replication of driverless industrial vehicles in complex rigid demand scenarios, and realizing technological innovation and industrial application in China’s driverless logistics industry.