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Case Study---VisionNav Robotics Joins Hands With 3PL Enterprise to Create a New Benchmark in Smart Logistics Field

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3PL stands for Third Party Logistics, which is the result of the increasing specialization of the logistics industry with the development of the logistics industry. Compared with the traditional logistics model, 3PL has the advantages of a strong information network, powerful order processing ability, and timely feedback on customer needs.

Speed and accuracy are extremely important to a 3PL company. VisionNav Robotics has cooperated with a well-known 3PL company in China to provide intelligent warehousing and logistics services for the global leading communication companies and has created a new benchmark in the field of smart logistics.


About the Project

The Customer is a well-known domestic 3PL company, and it provides professional and high-quality supply chain integration solutions for global leading communication companies. In order to develop innovative technologies and provide more efficient and intelligent services, the customer chooses to join hands with VisionNav Robotics to realize the further upgrade of smart logistics.


Project Requirements

According to customer needs, we introduced the VisionNav Robotics unmanned forklift project plan, so as to realize the storage of raw material pallets in the warehouse on high rack shelves of more than 7 meters, and the automatic transfer of materials between racks in mixed areas. In addition, in order to meet the fluctuating business demands at different periods, autonomous forklifts need to respond to call demands promptly during the day and at night, and provide customers with 7x24 hours of service.


Featured Functions

Complicated High Rack Storage and Retrieval

There are 5 layers of shelves in the high rack area on the customer site, and the maximum single layer is 1450mm. For high rack shelves, the project adopts VisionNav Robotics VNR14 reach unmanned forklifts to realize the application of storage and retrieval of materials over 7 meters.

The unmanned forklift has a blind area of vision when accessing high rack shelves. Based on VisionNav Robotics' leading visual navigation module, it integrates functions such as perception, positioning, and control to accurately detect the space of goods. The accuracy of repeated placement of goods is controlled within ±20mm, thus ensuring the safety and accuracy when goods are loading and unloading at a high rack location.


Automatic Transfer of Materials in Mixed Area

The warehouse of this project has high rack shelves of more than 7 meters in the storage area, and loading and unloading shelves in the buffer area. At the same time, there are AMRs that can automatically transport carriers. VisionNav Robotics unmanned forklift is connected with the AMRs to quickly realize automatic material transfer.


When AMR transports the carrier with the material from the buffer area to the designated delivery point, VisionNav Robotics VNR14 autonomous reach forklift accurately recognizes the pallet and the position of the goods on the carrier, then forks the pallet and transfers it to the high rack shelf for storage, and completes the automatic transfer of materials in the mixed area. There is no need for manual intervention in the whole process, which improves the collaborative operation efficiency of warehousing and logistics machines.


Synchronous Update of Information Flow and Logistics

The goods space management and pallet SKU management of the project are controlled and scheduled by the customer's WMS system. The robot control scheduling system of VisionNav Robotics is connected with the customer's WMS system to realize task scheduling, route planning of unmanned forklifts, and synchronize warehouse location information and pallet logistics information in real-time, so as to realize real-time updates of information flow and logistics status.


Customer Comment

"VisionNav Robotics was chosen for the following considerations: leading technical ability in the industry, abundant applications of unmanned forklift products in complex scenarios, and rich project experience. During the design, introduction, and operation of the entire project, we felt with the professionalism and efficiency of VisionNav, we look forward to more cooperation opportunities in the future with VisionNav.”