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VisionNav Robotics Debuts at the MODEX 2022 with the Innovative AGVAMR Forklifts

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VisionNav Robotics, a global supplier of industrial automated vehicles, attends the MODEX show held in Atlanta from 3/28 to 3/31, 2022, begins its appearance in the North American market. VisionNav has displayed the representative automated industrial vehicle forklift of the industry to drive intralogistics automation with intelligent technology.



MODEX is one of the largest material handling or supply chain equipment and technology exhibitions in North America. This exhibition focuses on "next-generation technology and equipment", attracting nearly 1,000 companies. For now, MODEX has become an important communication platform in the field of global logistics automation.


At the MODEX 2022 site, VisionNav demonstrated the applications of the VNP15 counterbalanced automated forklift in the stacking scenario of multi-layer material frames, and the material handling operation of the SLIM series forklifts in a dense narrow aisle scenario. "Many companies talked to us about the shortage of forklift operators and the possibility of introducing automated forklift operations affected by the epidemic. Our products have plenty of experience based on a large number of applications in complex scenarios and have unique advantages in terms of efficiency, flexibility, and storage capacity." Said Robert Tang, Head of Sales USA at VisionNav. It should be noted that multi-layer frame stacking is an innovative solution launched by VisionNav for irregular parts storage, which can currently deal with stacking scenarios of up to 7 layers.


Based on VisionNav® control algorithm and perception technology, VNP15 and SLIM series can adaptively fork pallets and material frames for horizontal and vertical operations. "We have also developed a variety of clamps to meet the material handling demand of customers in different industries, from simple pallets to bales, paper rolls, machinery, cables, and so on."



Founded in 2016, VIsionNav® is committed to providing AGVs/AMRs and Automation Solutions for intralogistics by integrating 5G Communication, AI, Environmental Perception, Deep Learning, and Servo Control technology. At present, VisionNav has developed 8 series of products including auto forklifts and tractors for various scenarios. Meanwhile, VisionNav has made significant breakthroughs such as achieving up to 9.4m(30ft) material storage, up to 2m(6.5ft) narrow aisles transmitting, automated truck loading and unloading, multi-layer materials stacking. VisionNav Sold 1500+ products globally implemented 350+ projects and reached cooperation with 50+ Fortune 500 companies.