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VisionNav Robotics AGV Operates In Dark Scenario To Provide 7X24 Hours Service

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When the night comes, the factory becomes totally dark except for some safety warning lights light up the empty aisle out of the factory, one of our AGV forklift is still walking on the aisle and carrying the goods steadily to finish the task of transfer and stacking, this smooth operation means that we have controlled the AGV technology about forklift working under dark light scenarios.


As we can see, it will lead to lots of physical and mental loss to the manual forklift operators to stay up overnight to finish the task, in addition, the mistake rate and physical risk will also increase at the same time when they are tired or are hard to focus on mind.

Generally speaking, except for the dark scenario, the AGV forklift can almost replace HGV(human guided forklift) in all scenarios. The key reason is that the AGV forklift works through the vision navigation technology that depends on the perception and management of its surrounding environment information, when in a dark situation, its vision function can’t see the surroundings clearly and this makes it fail to work in a dark scenario finally.

Not only the extreme dark scenario, in most cases, the change of light can also be regarded as one of the most troublesome factors in the unmanned forklift operating scenarios, all of this little change will have great effect on the whole positioning as well as the partial end operation.

But the strong interference is inevitable, the forklift will have to face the change of light all the time when moving from outdoor to indoor or from open space to dark closed space, especially in some special industry or some special period of time(like continuous operation during peak logistics period), more and more extreme dark scenarios have appeared in the AGV industry, but the good news is that VisionNav Robotics has conquered this difficult scenario.


VisionNav Robotics is devoted to improve the high flexibility, high efficiency and high accuracy of AGVs. Under the condition of sufficient sunlight and flat ground, the AGV from VisionNav Robotics can regard visible-light camera as main sensor; under the conditions of insufficient sunlight detected by visible-light camera, we can combine visible-light camera with fill light to improve the perception and positioning ability of AGV forklift, thus making the forklift available to conduct the whole navigation and partial end operation under the dark scenarios and to keep 7X24 hours work effectively.

Anti-interference and adaptability in complex environments are the important elements in testing the high flexibility of the AGV forklift. VisionNav Robotics has overcome the disturb of the changeable lights and owned the technology to operate forklift in extreme dark scenarios, thus making all logistics nodes become smooth and unlocking more complicated scenarios of automation industries needed by AGVs; Meanwhile, the AGVs from VisionNav Robotics can promote digital and intelligent development in all fields by combining with industry like machine made, new chemical materials, auto parts, new energy, and medical care applications.