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A Dozens Times Cooperation Case With An Home Appliances Factory To Realize Warehousing Automation

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In 2021, based on the good reputation of dedicated service and optimum technology, VisionNav is honored to build more and more collaborations with various companies that are from different industries, which include some leading enterprises in machinery manufacturing, auto parts, home appliance manufacturing, and other industries.

Now, we will introduce one home appliance manufacturer that we have cooperated with more than 10 times to realize its upgrading goal of unmanned logistics.


Project Background

The company has many factories and production bases all over the country, in the years 2020 and 2021, with the goal of building a “smart factory”, VisionNav Robotics has helped the company carry out the upgrading of unmanned logistics in Zhuhai, Nanjing, Meishan, Ma’anshan, which has created high-efficiency productivity for the company.


Project A

AGV Type: VNL14 Slim Pallet Stacker Forklift

Project Flow: VNL14 Slim Pallet Stacker Forklift was deployed in the project, it moves from drawing machine, line warehouse and felt polisher, and vice versa. Our self-developed robot control system has integrated with the MES system from the customer, then the system will schedule the automated guided forklift VNL14 to perform handling operations by sending the cargo information and corresponding machine information to the robot control system of VNL14 forklift.


Transport of Semi-finished Products by Drawing Machine: After unloading the full-load material pallet, the VNL14 automated forklift will fork the empty-load pallet automatically and go back to the rack storage area(Return to the rack storage area directly if without empty-load pallet).

Transport of Finished Products by Drawing Machine: After finishing the transport of full-load material pallet, the VNL14 automated forklift will fork the empty-load pallet from the finished products supplementary workstation and move to the empty-load pallet of the felt polisher.


Project B

AGV Type: VNL15 Pallet Stacker Forklift

Project Flow: VNL15 Pallet Stacker Forklift was used in this project, it moves between the rack and the designated warehouse. The robot control system of VisionNav gets seamless access to the WMS system, the staff sends demand signal to the robot control system via the WMS terminal, then the robot control system sends the order to the VNL15 automated forklift, when all the previous steps are finished, the last step comes to the VNL15 automated forklift and it will finish the goods inbound and outbound operations according to the final orders.

Project C

AGV Type: VNT20 Pallet Mover Forklift

Project Flow: VNT20 Pallet Mover Forklift was applied for this project, it can move from the designated location to fork the goods, transfer it to another fixed place and finish the inbound and outbound by responding to scheduling instructions from the robot control system. The VNT20 automated forklift can go through the automatic rolling shutter safely because of its good control technology to the shutter.


Project D

AGV Type: VNQ60 Autonomous Tractor

Project Flow: VNQ60 Autonomous Tractor was used in this project, it moves from material area to joint point of workshop one, workshop two, and workshop three. When the workshop needs material, it will send an order signal to the VNQ20 autonomous tractor, and the tractor will start to work in the material area and track the full material bins to the workshop, when it arrives at the designated point, it will open beep sound automatically and remind staff to unload fully loaded bins, then, it will return back to the material area with the empty material bins. This is a whole process for VNQ20 autonomous tractors before a new task appeared.

In large-scale home appliance manufacturing plant, it involves the coordinated management of production lines, warehousing, and transportation in order to realize the factory upgrade of unmanned logistics. As one of the important devices to realize unmanned logistics, the automated forklift has to face difficult scenarios like multi-product lines, various plant equipment, human-machine mixed up, and non-standard carriers, and so on. VisionNav Robotics customizes suitable unmanned logistics solutions for customers through on-site inspections, and the applied autonomous forklifts have no need to change the existing business processes of this factory, in addition, it can help improve the efficiency to the most degree, this finally can aim to realize factory upgrade of unmanned logistics.