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Pallet Stacking Application VisionNav Robotics AGV Contributes to Improve Flexibility in Food-processing Company

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One of the customers that VisionNav served is a well-known food processing company in China, who has international management system, global quality supervision system and strong R&D team and sells products to USA,Canada, Japan, the Middle East and other countries and areas. However, due to the labor shortage in operations, inefficiency of finished good packing and warehousing has always been a long-term headache for the company. To solve the problem and further reduce costs, VisionNav Robotics introduced VNP15 series, counterbalanced stacker type forklift AGVs, as well as the digitalized management system, in order to replace traditional manual operation and realize full automation in logistics processes.

Project Overview

The project includes 2 processes:

1) Finished Goods Packaging: Forklift AGVs pick material from automatic stacker – send packing material to production line – (packing operator) - recycle empty pallets - replenishing empty pallets - transport finished goods to transit area;

2) Storage: Forklift AGV pick finished goods from transfer area and send to FG warehouse – storage by 2 stacks;




Solutions / Products

Part 1: VisionNav Robotics VNP15 Series Counterbalanced AGV




Part2:   VisionNav Robotics Central Control System

Information such as site forklift AGVs, pallets, goods, equipment will be controlled by central control system. The system issues tasks commands to forklift AGVs to schedule forklift AGVs to execute tasks


Project Results

By using forklift AGV (multi-series) system, packing material (carton boxes, wrapping films) and finished goods will be unmanned transported among production line, transit area and FG warehouse. The workflows include sending packing material, replenish empty pallets, send finished goods to transit area and send finished goods from transit area to FG warehouse.



Project Highlights

1) High Flexibility: not changing original operation processes, site environment and equipment, adaptive to man-machine mixed operations;

2) High Efficiency: system automatically integrates without any manual intervention, forklift AGVs operate with high efficiency which is close to manual operation in peak;

3) High Stability: stack by two layers with high operation stability;

4) Safety: 360° anti-collision avoidance function with 5 level safety protection to ensure the safety of human, vehicles and goods.


Project Value

1) Reduce operating costs by replacing 10 operators’ vacancies. The company worked in 2 shifts per day, 5 operators per shift before, now it is unmanned operation all day;

2) Realize digital management by matching the information flow and logistics flow, to help upgrade intelligent manufacturing;

3) Achieve high efficiency with 24/7 unmanned operation, meeting the needs of material supplement, material replenishment and finished goods storage.


About VisionNav Robotics

VisionNav Robotics, a global leader in industrial driverless vehicles, is committed to enabling vehicles with driverless technology and promoting flexible unmanned application in logistics. VisionNav Robotics provides industrial driverless vehicle products and flexible unmanned logistics solutions for manufacturing logistics and warehousing logistics. At present, various types of autonomous forklift and tractor products have been developed and produced, realizing applications such as 9.4m high level storage and retrieval, 2.0m narrow passage storage and retrieval, truck loading and unloading, and multi-layer stacking, which are widely used in automobile manufacturing, tire manufacturing, food, petrochemical, e-commerce logistics, third party logistics, pharmaceutical and many other industries.