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Big announcement! Yingzhi Technology and VisionNav Reached A Strategic Cooperation to Promote Driverless industrial vehicles Large-Scale Application

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On September 1, Mr. Li Songqing, chairman of Qingdao Yingzhi Technology Co., Ltd. (“Yingzhi Technology”) and Dr. Li Luyang, CEO of VisionNav Robotics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (“VisionNav Robotics”), formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Qingdao. This is an important cooperation between China’s leading intelligent logistics integrated solution provider Yingzhi Technology and the driverless industrial vehicle leader VisionNav Robotics. Both companies will reach a comprehensive strategy in technology research and development, product solutions and market expansion, and jointly promote the large-scale application of driverless industrial vehicles in the warehousing and logistics industry through complementary advantages.


Figure: VisioYingzhi Technology is a professional integrated solution provider of intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing system. It is committed to promoting logistics progress through technological innovation and providing customers with comprehensive integrated, complete process and intelligent comprehensive management solutions. Mr. Li Songqing, chairman of Yingzhi Technology, said that the automated forklift products of VisionNav Robotics have unique technical advantages and are widely recognized by users in logistics industry. This cooperation will provide more intelligent and flexible diversified comprehensive services for the market and complete the market layout.


About Qingdao Yingzhi Technology Co., Ltd.

Yingzhi Technology has been engaged in logistics technology for over ten years. It has a professional technical team and rich project experience, and is committed to providing customers with perfect integrated, complete process and intelligent comprehensive management solutions. At present, Yingzhi Technology has established cooperative relations with many well-known domestic enterprises such as RRS logistics, Inspur and State Grid Corporation of China, providing specialized logistics information systems such as Intelligent Process Automation (IPA), Intelligence Warehouse Management System (iWMS) and Freight Management System (FMS).

Figure: Yingzhi Technology-intelligence Warehouse Management System (Yingzhi Technology entered the intelligent logistics industry earlier in China. The core members have decades of industry information construction experience. Chairman Li Songqing has rooted in the logistics industry for 40 years and enjoys a high reputation in smart logistics and smart warehousing.

Figure: Yingzhi Technology-typical customer cases

As a leading enterprise of driverless industrial vehicles, VisionNav Robotics has been focusing on the combination of vision technology and robot mobile platform since its establishment in 2016, and has successively provided the market with revolutionary products such as high flexible automated forklift, automated tractor and VisionNav Storage Location Detection System. Relying on the power of vision technology, VisionNav Robotics with its unique easy-to-use, extensible and cost-effective products, quickly stands out among other logistics robot enterprises, and has completed over 50 head customers’ projects in automobile manufacturing, 3C, pharmaceutical, food, e-commerce, retail and other fields. Dr. Li Luyang, CEO of VisionNav Robotics, said that he is honored to have reached a cooperation with Yingzhi Technology. This is a powerful alliance, a market integration, to convey high-quality products and solutions to customers, solve customer pain points, and achieve a “1” to “N” scale replication.


About VisionNav Robotics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd

Established in 2016, VisionNav Robotics is a global leader in driverless industrial vehicles. The company mainly focuses in the research and development of four key technology, namely the visual-based strong robust indoor and outdoor positioning, high-precision and versatile visual servo control, low-cost smart visual perception, large-scale multi-level efficient scheduling, as well as the development and production of high flexible standardized driverless module, to replicate driverless industrial vehicles application in complex and rigid-demanding manufacturing and logistics industry on a large scale, realizing the driverless technology innovation and industrial application in China's logistics industry.