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VisionNav Robotics Assists A Well-known Listed Company To Build Flexible Warehousing Logistics

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 In traditional warehousing and logistics, manual forklifts usually help deal with the docking conveyor line, cargo handling and warehouse rack related operations. With the acceleration of the digitization process, the enterprises began to seek the intelligent transformation and upgrading of production line management, warehouse management, and logistics management, they decided to replace the manual forklift with automated forklifts to achieve the goal of interconnection between the logistics information, device control system, RCS(robot control system), WMS(warehouse management system) and so on. Here is a new typical flexible warehouse logistics solution case for a listed company, and the case is 100% operated by VisionNav Robotics.


Project Overview

The client is located in the East of China, it is focused on the research and application of industrial automated vehicles, and hopes to improve intelligent warehousing and logistics management by introducing the automated forklift and its robot control system from VisionNav Robotics. We have dispatched some engineers to observe and evaluate on-site after receiving the demand from this company, and finally, we have customized a flexible autonomous logistics solution based on our 100+ successful cases abilities and 500+ logistics scenarios planning experience.




Pallet Stacker Forklift AGF + Robot Control System

We have prepared the customer with 2 pallet stacker forklifts, and then connected the forklifts with the customers’ device like a hacking machine through our robot control system which can integrate with the WMS system from the part of the customer. When all procedures are finished, the forklifts can automatically finish the full process of the cargo transshipment, the cargo put-away, as well as the cargo inbound and outbound.



Step One: Finished Products Inbound

When the finished products came to the inbound connection point from the cylinder line, The WMS system will search the warehouse rack information and send orders to the robot control system at the meantime, then the automated forklift will receive the order via robot control system and pick up the goods at the inbound connection point, transfer them into the designated warehouse rack location and finish the inbound successfully.


Step Two: Finished Products Outbound and Surplus Material Recycle Inbound

WMS system will search the warehouse space information and send orders to the robot control system according to the outbound orders demand, then the automated forklift will pick up the finished goods and transfer them to the outbound buffer zone after receiving the outbound order.


When the finished materials have been manually selected and confirmed, the staff will scan the rest materials with the PDA tool, and this will activate the demand of surplus material recycle inbound, then the autonomous forklift will transfer the surplus materials from the buffer zone to the designated warehouse space location.



In the process of the project, The automated forklift from VisionNav Robotics is almost seamlessly compatible with the original working steps from this company and has spent nearly zero cost to finish the unmanned logistics upgrading between the cylinder line connection point and the warehouse storage space, between the designated warehouse space to the inbound and outbound buffer zone, which has helped the enterprise reduce the maintenance cost, improve the efficiency of inbound and outbound, and finally improved the intelligent management level of warehouse logistics.


About VisionNav Robotics 

As a global leader enterprise in driverless industrial vehicles, since its establishment in 2016, VisionNav Roboticswww.visionnav.com) has focused on the research and development of unmanned industrial vehicles and unmanned logistics solutions, insisted on empowering industrial vehicles with vehicle-level unmanned driving technology, and promoted the flexible unmanned transformation of internal logistics for the enterprise. At present, VisionNav Robotics has developed 9 series of unmanned forklift products, and has completed the breakthrough in the whole process of rigid demand scenes, including 9.4m material storage, 2m narrow aisles transmitting, automated truck loading, 6-layer mobile material stacking. With unique technical backgrounds and excellent unmanned logistics solutions, VisionNav Robotics has achieved rapid growth, there are more than 200 successful projects in many fields such as automobile manufacturing, tires, food, petrochemicals, e-commerce logistics, third-party logistics, and pharmaceuticals. Among them, there are many benchmark cases from Fortune 500 companies.


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