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VisionNav Robotics Launched Several New Product to Stun at LET a CeMAT ASIA event 2020 in Guangzhou

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On August 27th, 2020 LET-a CeMAT China (Guangzhou) International Logistics Equipment & Technology Exhibition grandly opened in Guangzhou (China) Import & Export Complex. With the theme of “Intelligent Manufacturing and Efficient Logistics”, this exhibition attracted many leading enterprises in smart logistics and smart manufacturing.

As the world's leading supplier of visual unmanned industrial vehicles, VisionNav Robotics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (VisionNav Robotics) brought a variety of cool tech products to the exhibition, and received extensive attention and expectations from visitors!


VisionNav Robotics Launch Several New Products 

Vision Navigation SLIM Pallet Stacker VNL14-02 (2 m narrow aisles)


With the rapid development of e-commerce and new retail in recent years, the key of the supply chain, logistics links is under pressure. The primary demand of enterprises is to achieve dense storage and efficient scheduling in a limited space. However, the width of the driving channel of most forklift products on the market is required to be above 3 m, which greatly limits the storage density. The launch of the narrow aisle SLIM Series VNL14-02 based on vision technology has found a perfect balance between flexible scheduling and dense storage. VNL14-02 can operate in a 2 m narrow aisle, with a load of 1.4T and a lifting height of 3 m, which can meet the needs of more than 90% of narrow aisle dense storage. Through the vision sensor, VNL14-02 can process richer environmental information, and also has greater adaptive ability faced with complex tasks.


Product Features

• 415 mm slim body;

• 2.0 m narrow aisle operation;

• 1.4T load, 3 m lifting height;


VNL14-02 meets the expectations of most business owners for unmanned forklifts. The 415 mm slim body makes it more flexible. Faced with large-scale applications of multi-machine scheduling, VNL14-02 can be implanted with more motion designs and multi-dimensional vehicle body motion control compared with traditional forklifts with drivers’ seats, which may become a disruptive in unmanned forklifts products.


Environmental Detection System

Seeing is believing. In the “818” Shopping Festival in 2020, VisionNav Storage Location Detection System in Suning 5g unmanned warehouse attracted a wave of attention. As the core product of VisionNav Robotics in environment monitoring, VisionNav Storage Location Detection System integrates deep learning image recognition technology, realizes the identification and intelligent tracking of shelves, goods, forklifts and operators in the warehouse, provides safety risk warnings, and assists unmanned operation of intelligent equipment such as AGV and patrol robot.



Product Features

• Accurate recognition of multiple objects;

• Information flow security management;

• Infrared lights option without lighting;


“In this exhibition, we can see the strong potential of domestic logistics robots overtaking at corners,” said Chen Xin, manager of VisionNav Robotics’ marketing department. These changes stem from the ability of Chinese companies to accept and learn new technologies, especially in the face of the emerging logistics robot technologies represented by visual technology. Chinese companies have boldly tried and opened up innovative practices, which injected vitality and power into the unmanned logistics market. VisionNav Robotics will continue to explore the unlimited potential of vision technology and continue to lead the vision unmanned forklift in terms of cost performance, intelligence and system flexibility.