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VisionNav Empowers High-rise Warehouse Shelving with Effective Solutions!

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Hong Kong, Aug 26, 2022--High-rise warehouse shelving is a challenging process when an autonomous forklift is working indoors. When the vehicle conducts the lifting move, there's a risk of fork deformation, the wishbone can also become wobbly at the same time, bringing potential safety risks to the work.

Along with the fast growth of automation in manufacturing and warehousing logistics, the application of autonomous forklifts in high-bay storage and retrieval scenarios emerges has shown benefits.

  • Smarter Warehousing Management. The autonomous forklift is connected to the warehousing management system which leads the goods in and out of the warehouse and traces the dynamic information of the goods in real-time.
  • Safer Warehousing at High-rise Shelving Area. Reduce the risk of goods falling, thus protecting people from manual errors.
  • Reduced Labor Costs and Maximized Warehouse Storage Capacity. Economize manpower and increase warehouse storage capacity.

VisionNav has been finding solutions for pain points in the field of high-rise Shelving and injecting energy and efficiency into the warehousing process. The vehicle's perception and positioning capability keep the forks stable when they are lifted high, accurately perceive, and locate the shelf space for picking and placing goods, reduce risks and improve efficiency at work.

Cases are shown below.

Six-meter or Above High-rise Shelving

Solution for Food Industry

The client is a leading sauce company nationwide. The high-level shelf at the customer's project site is ≥6000mm, the width of the shelf channel is 3200mm, and the load of the whole package is about 1200KG. The autonomous forklift not only needs to store the goods on the high beam shelf safely and efficiently but also needs to keep the goods on the shelf at a distance of 100mm.


VisionNav model VNR14 is a forward-moving autonomous forklift, which can conduct loading and unloading goods for 6 meters or above in high-rise shelving scenarios. When placing the goods, the VNR14 will digest the information visually including shelf space, goods posture, etc., controls the lifting height of the fork, and maintains a safety interval width between goods and shelves on both sides, to achieve efficient warehousing.

Seven-meter or above High-rise Shelving

Solution Case for Logistics Industry

The customer is a well-known logistics enterprise nationwide, which provides professional and high-quality supply chain solutions for leading telecommunication enterprises globally. The shelf height of the client’s working area is ≥7000mm, and the weight of the whole package is about 600KG.

For high-shelve scenarios, the VisionNav model VNR14 forward-moving autonomous forklift is applied to pick up pallet materials from 7 meters above. The forklift has a blind spot when accessing high shelves. Based on the leading visual navigation module of VisionNav, the vehicle can take advantage of perception, positioning, and control, accurately detect the size of space where goods are placed, the placement accuracy is within ±20mm, ensure the safety and precision in the process of loading and unloading from high altitude.

Ten-meter or above High-rise Warehouse Shelving

Solution Case for Auto Industry

The client is a famous auto parts manufacturer. The total weight of the whole package is about 350KG, the shelf height is more than 10 meters, and the height of the top beam from the ground is about 8055mm. The lifting range of the autonomous forklift is more than 8 meters.

The project is equipped with VisonNav Model VNR14 forward-moving autonomous forklift, which lengthens and widens the forks to match the cargo, and improves the overall performance parameters of the forklift. Benefiting from the core technologies of VisonNav's robot including navigation, positioning, and control system, VNR14 can maintain the stability of the fork, and avoid the deformation of the fork caused by high-loaded goods. Once the onboard sensing function is turned on, the sensing accuracy is controlled at ±10mm, which can accurately detect the shelf space for placing goods, eliminate errors, and ensure the accuracy of autonomous forklifts picking and placing goods on high-level shelves.

VisonNav is on the way to providing more high-rise warehouse shelving solutions for enterprises under various scenarios.



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