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Get an Immersive experience of automated Logistics at VisionNav Showroom in Japan

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VisionNav Robotics' first overseas showroom opened in Tokyo and will showcase full-scenario logistics automation solutions, classic AGF products, and the latest management systems. VN will also share the new 3Dslam positioning and perception technology which can improve deployment and operational efficiency. VisionNav hopes to let users feel the changes brought by logistics automation with an immersive experience.

Nov. 2, 2022, Tokyo — VisionNav Japan’s showroom located in Tokyo, which is also the first showroom overseas. The showroom is in the Koto District, Tokyo, covering the whole scene of intralogistics, providing users with an immersive experience regarding logistics automation and product performance.

Kiki, Sales Director of VisionNav Japan, Head of the showroom, said, “VisionNav believes in immersive user experience, which can help users quickly understand their needs. Our experts will walk the clients through the workflow and indicate all the critical factors in deploying logistics automation with optimal options and more possibilities.

Currently, the showroom includes four demonstration areas: 1) Horizontal - transport area; 2) Intensive line reservoir area; 3) High-rise shelf area; 4) Short-distance transport area. Users can experience all - scenarios of autonomous logistics: warehousing, indoor transport, outbound, and outdoor transport. Meanwhile, users can gain live experience through customized experimental settings, feel the efficiency and long-term stability of AGF, and envision the changes brought by AGF.

VisionNav hopes to present a more flexible logistics scenario. More than Four types of AGFs and one autonomous tractor were deployed in the showroom. VNSL14 can pick and place goods freely in the 2.3-meter aisle scene, expanding the warehouse utilization rate vertically; VNR14 is a forward-moving AGF that can handle the storage and retrieval of more than 7m shelves, improving the warehouse utilization rate upward; the highly anticipated VNE20 can overcome 8° slopes, 50mm obstacles and 30mm ravines, a good helper in semi-outdoor rough road work; indoor all-round product VNP15, equipped with various attachments, can cope with material frames, trays, bundles, and paper rolls, etc. We’ve arranged some handling needs of different types of materials on site. Users in any industry can find specific scenarios here.

Security is the top priority that VisionNav considers when introducing a new automation solution. In addition to the CE standard setting of the AGF product itself, the showroom also launched UWB devices. The device is considered "the highest level of protection for personnel safety." Anyone entering the showroom must wear a safety jacket with UWB. Walls and shelves do not restrict UWB. Even if personnel suddenly breaks in from the blind spot, AGF can brake immediately because of the precautionary mechanism of the UWB. It starts to decelerate when personnel is 4 meters away and activates the light-emitting belt on the jacket.

VisionNav provides users with a complete set of robotic process management systems: RCS and Bright Eye. The newly upgraded RCS2.0 manages various AGFs in the showroom, which connects to popular management systems such as WMS/WCS/MES. The dashboard and reports get more explicit, and the global logistics status and task progress can be monitored in real-time. The Bright Eye System is an AI system that captures the local environment through camera capture and machine recognition. It is usually used in a line reservoir area. Bright Eye transmits the location status to RCS and schedules AGF to go to work. "A typical example is that the line-side area of a food factory does not need to be managed by people with the help of the Bright Eye System. When the warehouse is full, the system automatically calls AGF for replenishment operations." In addition, Bright Eye can also identify various types of goods, vehicles, and operators on site, pre-warning the potential risks, such as sudden manual placement of objects, misplaced pallets, etc.

Kiki said, "VisionNav has always believed that users’ need is what drives our force for innovation." The showroom will open VisionNav's latest 3Dslam positioning and 3D perception technologies to users lately. These two technologies will significantly improve deployment efficiency and operational efficiency. VisionNav hopes to share more scientific and technological achievements with users and welcomes representatives of enterprises and scientific research from all walks of life to visit and exchange.

VisionNav Robotics

VisionNav® Robotics is a global supplier of autonomous industrial vehicles and intralogistics automation solutions. Based on 5G networks, AI&Machine Learning, Environmental Perception, Deep Learning, and Servo Control technology, VisionNav has developed 9 product series for full-stack scenarios to automate industry logistics. VisionNav has served more than 30 countries and deployed 200+ projects around the globe, and partners with 50+ Fortune 500 companies, covering auto manufacturing, tire, food, petrochemical, e-commerce, 3PL, pharmaceutical, and other industries.


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