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VisionNav Robotics Partners with Bartels to Grow the Market in Germany

VisionNav Robotics Partners with Bartels to Grow the Market in Germany

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VisionNav EU and the Bartels Team

VisionNav EU and the Bartels Team

Nov. 24, 2022, Horst - VisionNav Robotics has partnered with Karl H. Bartels GmbH to collaborate on growing the market share in Germany. VisionNav has established itself as a reliable supplier of autonomous industrial vehicles and intralogistics automation solutions to commercial and industrial sectors and has become a well-known name in automation technology and full-stack warehousing scenarios. Cooperation is the next step to cultivating customized automation solutions locally.

Karl H. Bartels GmbH, the expert in storage facilities and transport equipment, will help VisionNav to simplify customer access to the extensive range of autonomous forklift products. "We are pleased to have VisionNav as a partner," said Sebastian Krayenborg, Managing Director of Bartels. "The company stands for innovation and forward-looking technologies." In January, VisionNav announced its entry into the German market and presented a selection of products at LogiMAT 2022 in the early summer.

Sticking with a strong customer orientation, Karl H. Bartels GmbH has increasingly continued to specialize more on purpose-built products in rack construction for lengthy goods, profiles, sheets, and heavy loads. “Bartels is a customer-driven company with a long-standing reputation and is committed to responding flexibly to special requests with tailor-made products," said Jason, head of VisionNav EU. VisionNav Robotics is confident that the partnership is the winning combination of an extensive product portfolio and technical expertise with detailed knowledge of industries and applications together with a local market presence.

"We are certain that the future belongs to autonomous forklifts," predicts Managing Director Sebastian Krayenborg. "This allows a wide range of challenges in logistics to be solved." The use of autonomous systems not only solves personnel issues but also significantly increases efficiency in the warehouse. “VisionNav is one of the technology leaders in the segment and shows very clearly where the journey is heading for.”

VisionNav has been developing and producing autonomous forklifts since 2016. The range includes pallet trucks, tow tractors, counterbalanced trucks, and reach trucks. The navigation technology is based on 3D laser hybrid sensors that explore the work environment in real-time, allowing highly robust and high-precision positioning in various scenarios. “We are excited to cooperate with Bartels to increase market exposure for local clients by providing them with additional automation solutions," said Jason.

About Karl H. Bartels GmbH

Karl H. Bartels GmbH is the expert for storage facilities and transport equipment, focusing on customized heavy-duty shelving. Bartels also sells tipping containers, stair climbers, handling systems, containers, etc. At Bartels, customers receive everything from a single source. The family business has kept this concept for over 80 years and equipped warehouses and logistics centers with everything they need for flexible operations.

About VisionNav Robotics

VisionNav® Robotics is a global supplier of autonomous industrial vehicles and intralogistics automation solutions. Based on 5G networks, AI&Machine Learning, Environmental Perception, Deep Learning, and Servo Control technology, VisionNav has developed 9 product series for full-stack scenarios to automate industry logistics. VisionNav has served more than 30 countries and deployed 200+ projects around the globe, and partners with 50+ Fortune 500 companies, covering auto manufacturing, tire, food, petrochemical, e-commerce, 3PL, pharmaceutical, and other industries.


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