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VisionNav Launches a New Generation Product – VNST 20 Slim Pallet Jack

VisionNav Launches a New Generation Product – VNST 20 Slim Pallet Jack

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(This new product is currently AVAILABLE IN ASIA. )

VisionNav introduces the VNST 20 Slim Pallet Jack, an advanced AGV solution designed to address ground-to-ground handling challenges with efficiency and ease. With its user-friendly design and exceptional performance, this next-generation product is set to revolutionize the full-stack logistics scenario, meeting customer demands and seamless operation in various industrial settings.

VisionNav Launches a New Generation Product – VNST 20 Slim Pallet Jack

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Ground-to-ground handling scenarios present various challenges:

  • AGVs are often limited by ground ground-to-groundness, resulting in slower moving speed and reduced efficiency compared to manual labor.
  • Safety concerns arise due to inadequate safety designs in AGVs, especially in scenarios involving human-robot interaction and goods handling.
  • Many AGVs on the market struggle to navigate in narrow warehouse aisles and lack precision in picking and placing goods, limiting their adaptability.
  • Even for simple ground-to-ground handling projects, construction and retrofitting times can be lengthy. Additional difficulties are caused by the complexity of AGV operation for post-maintenance and employee training.

Ultimate simplicity in design with sleek lines

The VNST 20 adheres to the principle of ultimate simplicity in design. Its body is primarily adorned in vibrant red color, with sleek lines and compact dimensions measuring 1600x815x1650mm (LWH). The vehicle weighs only 430kg and has a maximum load capacity of 2000kg. The lightweight and minimalist exterior design endows this AGV with superior performance in ground-to-ground handling scenarios.

VisionNav Launches a New Generation Product – VNST 20 Slim Pallet Jack

Integrated functionality: perception, positioning, and protection

Equipped with a 3D laser sensor, the VNST 20 integrates positioning, perception, and protection functions to enhance both the precision of AGV positioning and the safety protection. The modular design of its components, including the positioning module, control module, battery module, standardized wiring harness, fork-tip photoelectric sensors, and mechanical edge touch sensors, allows for a compact body and quick assembly.

VisionNav Launches a New Generation Product – VNST 20 Slim Pallet Jack

3D Safety Protection and Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance

The VNST 20 AGV adopts a novel concept of obstacle avoidance and protection for safety. It can intelligently distinguish between obstacles, goods, and pallets, thereby preventing the AGV from mistaking goods as obstacles and halting its operation. The AGV intelligently adjusts the range of fork protection based on the load status at the fork end.

Additionally, the front and rear of the vehicle are equipped with protective lasers and positioning devices, enabling autonomous intelligent speed limit and obstacle avoidance throughout the entire operation. When obstacles such as people or objects are detected in the surroundings, the AGV calculates the distance in real-time and intelligently slows down and stops until the obstacles are cleared, resuming normal speed.

VisionNav Launches a New Generation Product – VNST 20 Slim Pallet Jack

Maximize storage capacity by reduce space between goods.

The VNST 20 AGV adopts 3D laser perception technology, which enables precise millimeter-level perception of the spacing between goods. It achieves a repeatable positioning accuracy of ±10mm and ±0.5° and an adaptive unloading accuracy of ±10mm and ±0.5°. When the VNST 20 AGV enters dense racking for unloading, it maintains a safe distance of 150mm between goods placed on the left and right sides and 30mm in the front and rear, thereby improving the storage density of customer warehouses.

VisionNav Launches a New Generation Product – VNST 20 Slim Pallet Jack

Simple Appearance, solid technology, with high efficiency

The VNST 20 AGV combines an extremely simple exterior design with powerful internal features. It offers faster operational capabilities, with a maximum travel speed of 1.4m/s when fully loaded. In addition to commonly used square and rectangular pallets, the VNST20 can handle T-shaped pallets. During the picking and placing process, it employs intelligent non-stop sensing and recognition functions, resulting in faster picking and placing speeds and higher efficiency.

The VNST 20 AGV exhibits excellent ground adaptability, allowing it to climb slopes of up to 3.5° while fully loaded. It can also traverse gaps of up to 30mm and thresholds of up to 10mm.

VisionNav Launches a New Generation Product – VNST 20 Slim Pallet Jack

Plug to use and simplify project deployment.

The VNST 20 AGV follows the principle of simplicity and efficiency, not only in its exterior design but also in assembly efficiency, operation training, and implementation process. With just six major modules, assembly can be completed in as little as four hours. From functional testing, calibration, and streamlined operations to factory delivery, the entire process takes only four days. With mass production capabilities, the AGVs can be shipped within five days.

Once the VNST 20 AGV arrives at the project site, it is ready to use immediately. Its high precision 3D laser positioning enables fast map creation without the need for QR codes or reflector boards, reducing the project timeline. Furthermore, there is no need for complex training in the later stages of the project, as the operation is simple and easy to learn.

VisionNav Launches a New Generation Product – VNST 20 Slim Pallet Jack

In conjunction with the RCS (central control scheduling system ) 2.0, the VNST 20 AGV covers various ground-to-ground transportation scenarios in manufacturing and warehousing logistics. By selecting the VNST 20 AGV, you are choosing a high-performance and efficient solution.

The VNST 20 AGV, combined with the RCS2.0, can handle ground-to-ground transportation scenarios in manufacturing and warehousing logistics. It seamlessly integrates with external devices such as elevators and automatic doors, enabling long-distance and multi-floor ground-to-ground transportation. It is also capable of operating in narrow pathways, facilitating ground-to-ground transportation in linear warehouses as well as dense non-linear warehouses. This solution effectively addresses internal logistics challenges for customers and enhances transportation efficiency.

VisionNav Robotics prioritizes simplicity and cost-effectiveness in all solutions. The VNS T20 AGV embodies this principle, offering exceptional quality and innovative design. With the commitment to technological innovation and customer satisfaction, VisionNav strive to deliver superior products and services to meet the evolving needs of customers.

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VisionNav Launches a New Generation Product – VNST 20 Slim Pallet Jack

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