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VisionNav is Your Safeguard in the Process of High-precision Components Transportation

VisionNav is Your Safeguard in the Process of High-precision Components Transportation

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The complexity of the intralogistics in the manufacturing industry reflects more than just the scene and process but also the diversity of carriers, goods, and extra docking equipment. In light of special equipment manufacturing industries, there are many difform carriers and high-precision components, etc., and the requirements for the positioning perception accuracy of AGV are different as well.


VisionNav recently helped an optical coating giant achieve autonomous loading and unloading and transportation. In this project, our AGV conducts autonomous loading and unloading of goods and autonomous transportation docking irregularly shaped fixtures, which is connected with high-precision manufacturing equipment to realize automatic loading and unloading and transfer of semi-finished high-precision components.


Autonomous Forklift Case Study | VisionNav is Your Safeguard in the Process of High-precision Components Transportation

VNSL 14 is working in the workshop



The workshop of our customer is dust-free due to strict manufacturing standards. Multiple customized VNSL 14 Pallet Stackers are deployed onsite embedded with Robot Control System (RCS) 2.0. For the irregular shape of the goods, we deployed a handling support frame responding to irregular fixtures on the fork of the VNSL14. We reinforced safety protection to handle a high-precision coating machine at the project site.


Autonomous Forklift

VNSL 14 is picking up the fixture in the loading area


Automated Workflow


Autonomous Acquiring Goods: After completing the first phase of processing in the loading area, the workbench reports to the upper system through communication with the RCS 2.0, then the VNSL 14 is dispatched to the workbench to pick up the fixture.


Autonomous Forklift

VNSL 14 is picking up the fixture in the loading area

When staffing operates the tablet to trigger the loading task, VNSL 14 will transfer the loaded sheet to the coating area. After the signal is confirmed interactively, the automatic rolling door of the coating area will be closed.


Autonomous Forklift

VNSL 14 is transporting goods in the aisle


Docking Coating Machine Cavity:

1) After the VNSL 14 arrives at the positioning point of the cavity, it is slowly introduced into the bottom guide rail of the cavity with an accuracy of ±10mm outside the cavity machine, relying on the alignment mechanism at the bottom of the cavity to ensure that the forklift body reaches the set position.


Autonomous Forklift

VNSL 14 operates in complex work scenarios


2) After the VNSL 14 reaches the set position of the cavity, the fork is lifted to a height range of 1903±3mm, and the transfer platform performs an autonomous positioning operation; after the automatic positioning is completed, our forklift continues to lift the fork to Specify the height, and then notify the host system to complete the positioning through the central control system.


3) The coating machine equipment receives the positioning operation completion information sent by the upper system, opens the suspension jig and rotates to the contact point of the upper hanging jig, and then notifies VNSL14 to put down the jig. In the end, a forklift will depart from the cavity area and return to the standby area after ensuring that the tenon-tapered button is completely inserted into the hole.


Autonomous Forklift


Logistics Better


High-precision Equipment Docking: The VNSL 14 picks up the special-shaped fixture and docks with the coating machine cavity. During the process, high-precision automatic positioning operations must be performed many times, including fork picking accuracy, car body pose accuracy adjustment, etc. The positioning perception accuracy and servo control technology requirements of autonomous forklifts are incredibly high.


Information Flow Interaction: In this project, the RCS 2.0 confirms the information flow interaction with the customer's upper system to ensure that VNSL 14 can seamlessly connect with the onsite rolling door equipment and coating machine equipment and complete material loading, unloading, and transfer operations.



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