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 AGV Transport Case Study | VisionNav Empowers 3PL Industry with Intralogistics Automation Solution

AGV Transport Case Study | VisionNav Empowers 3PL Industry with Intralogistics Automation Solution

Logistics - Mixed

Being an essential link of the worldwide supply chain network, Third-Party Logistics (3PL) entities amalgamate logistics resources to provide a range of logistics solutions to companies, fostering economic harmony among enterprises. Currently, the 3PL sector encounters various challenges and hindrances. The advancement of the 3PL industry entails a profound integration of advanced technologies like robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), and sophisticated data algorithms. This integration doesn't just boost the effectiveness of corporate logistics but also serves as a pivotal force in advancing a sustainable workflow globally.


Pain Points

  1. Influenced by land usage limitations, declining warehouse space utilization efficiency, the vanishing demographic dividend, and other factors, the Third-Party Logistics (3PL) sector is witnessing persistent rises in expenses tied to storage, transportation, operations, and labor shortage.
  2. The nature of 3PL warehousing is contingent upon the needs of the businesses it caters to. Various industries, including consumer goods, components, and electronics, exhibit unique logistics service requirements, leading to diverse approaches to storing commodities. The assortment of products introduces complexities in terms of both management and inventory control.
  3. Logistics processes like product inbound and outbound, inventory counting, and transfers heavily rely on manual labor. This leads to low operational efficiency, high redundancy, and the added difficulties of labor shortage.



Building on deep insights into the 3PL industry, VisionNav has introduced an intelligent logistics solution. This solution involves deploying equipment based on the specific needs of enterprises to achieve tasks such as automated inbound and outbound operations, automated inventory counting, and automated transfers. This leads to reduced operational costs and an improvement in intralogistics efficiency.


VisionNav solution comprises autonomous forklifts, lurking lift-type Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), the Robot Control System(RCS) 2.0, and the BrightEye system. The solution features high efficiency, high density, high flexibility, low cost, and increased intelligence. This comprehensive approach assists 3PL companies in transitioning from traditional warehousing to automated intelligent warehousing, ultimately enhancing their competitiveness.


Case Study

Scenario Horizontal Transportation + Materials Inbound

SolutionVNSL14 Pallet Stacker + RCS2.0

The project involves a warehouse area of over 26,000 square meters, encompassing multiple sections. These sections include a shipping area, an inspection area, a collaborative storage area, an e-commerce storage area, and shuttle-type rack aisles. The project has achieved automated material transfers across different sections by incorporating the VisionNav VNSL14 pallet stacker AGV along with the RCS2.0.


This implementation has resulted in a threefold increase in material transfer efficiency within the warehouse. Additionally, the accuracy rate of material deliveries has surpassed 98%. The utilization of the VisionNav VNSL14 AGV and the RCS2.0 has significantly improved the efficiency and accuracy of material handling in warehouse operations.

AGV Transport Case Study | VisionNav Empowers 3PL Industry with Intralogistics Automation Solution


Scenario: Horizontal Transportation + High-rise Warehousing + AMR Collaboration

Solution VNR14 Reach Truck AGV

The project of electronic components has varying specifications, and the storage racks used are beam-type shelves. For this project, multiple VisionNav VNR14 forward-moving AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) have been introduced in conjunction with the RCS2.0 central control and dispatching system. The workflow for this project involves inbound and outbound of the warehouse and loading and unloading of the racks with multiple AMR collaborating onsite.


This integration of VisionNav VNR14 AGVs and the RCS2.0 system allows for seamless and efficient handling of the electronic components within the project's workflow, from storage to delivery.

AGV Transport


Scenario: Docking Production Line + Horizontal Transportation

Solution Lurking lift-type AMR + RCS2.0

The project primarily deals with fast-moving consumer goods as its primary products. The project layout comprises designated areas for tasks like inbound handover, storage, and outbound handover. To enhance efficiency, the project has introduced several VisionNav lurking lift-type AMR (Autonomous Mobile robots) with RCS2.0. These AMRs seamlessly collaborate with automatic doors throughout their operational sequences.


This seamless integration facilitates precise management of storage locations and automated material transfers during both inbound and outbound operations. As a result, it significantly improves the efficiency of logistics and material handling within the project, leading to a more streamlined and effective workflow.

AMR robot


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VisionNav® Robotics is a global supplier of autonomous industrial vehicles and intralogistics automation solutions. Based on 5G networks, AI & Machine Learning, Environmental Perception, Deep Learning, and Servo Control technology, VisionNav has developed nine product series for full-stack scenarios to automate industry logistics. VisionNav has served more than 30 countries and deployed 350+ projects around the globe, partnering with 50+ Fortune 500 companies, covering industries such as auto manufacturing, tire, food, petrochemical, e-commerce, 3PL, pharmaceutical, and others.



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