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Annual Review-Highlights of VisionNav Robotics Automated Guided Vehicles

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VisionNav Robotics has pressed the full speed button in the year 2021. With the upgradation of all its AGV forklift products series in all automated logistics scenarios demand covered, it has made a high-level technical breakthrough in the “deep-water” automated logistics applications, and also expanse it business landscape map with strategic area captured at last. Now let us witness these “highlight moments.”


Point 1: New AGV Products Launched

With hard research and development for about 3 years, In June 2021, we have launched our counterbalanced forklift AGV,E Series,that has strong perception and powerful motion control ability to meet indoor & outdoor transportation challenges. The E series forklifts are equipped with 3D + vision perception technology that make it enable to realize motion planning and high-precision visual servo control at the same time. When faces with complicated and changeable situation, its peak-work efficiency can compete with human operations. Our E series counterbalanced forklift has attracted lots of attention since its launch. Therefore, this product series has become our bestseller forklift.


In the September of 2021, the omnidirectional forklift that named “O” series is also public to the market. Compared to the E series, this O series forklift is mainly apply to transfer scenarios like huge volume, changeable procedures, and complicated situations. In addition, it can realize 360° roundabout and zero gyration radius. Once equipped with its body slim design, it is perfect for narrow aisle storage operation, these new “flexible” experience has made the O series forklift become the popular choice for the building materials enterprise, instruments enterprise, etc.  


So far, VisionNav Robotics has launched 8 series forklifts suitable for different industries, various scenarios and lots of target requirements, and we are now available to provide unmanned logistics upgrade services and to deal with troubles of internal logistics in the enterprises.


Point 2: Leading AGV Enterprise in Domestic Market

When VisionNav has launched new products to the market one after one, it is also overcoming the key technical obstacles in this industry and has made great and cheerful achievements. We have made breakthroughs in some difficult scenarios like van truck loading and unloading, wing truck loading and unloading, and more than 6-layer material cages stacking. Meanwhile, we have also succeeded in full scenario logistics automation from truck bay loading and unloading to 9.4m material storage and retrieval. In 2021, VisionNav won many critical projects, among them, many projects are the first application in new scenarios covering a large scale of “deep-water” difficult automated operation industries.



In October, VisionNav has realized the first van truck loading and unloading in the new chemical material industry.

At the end of October, We have released the new indoor & outdoor loading and unloading solutions at the exhibition named CeMAT ASIA 2021.

After the successful implementation of automated forklift loading and unloading experience in the oil industry last year, we have also mastered the deep-water automated technical scenarios like the flat car, the wing truck, and the van truck based on our excellent vision navigation as well as powerful perception positioning skills.

With the continuous unlocking of deep-water automated scenarios, The business volume has increased more and more at the same time. In 2021, the deep-water cases have realized scaled replications in the key industries, and the total signed contracts in 2021 has risen 300% from the year-earlier in 2020. The average per signed contract in 2021 has risen 150% compared to the year 2020, and the repurchase rate has reached over 40%.

In 2021, VisionNav has also finished its C round of from Bytedance, Shunwei Capital (co-founded by Xiaomi CEO Leijun), CICC (China Unicom), IDG Capital, Lenovo Ventures and Eastern bell Capital, amounting the total financing exceeded $78 million.


Point 3: Advocating Sustainable Development Environment for China AGV Industry

In 2021, VisionNav Robotics announced an official strategic cooperation with Yeloworld, Youibot, RoboSense, Coevolution, Mima, and Livox, that VisionNav will work together with them to help the development of smart manufacture upgrading, smart logistics research, and automated forklift application and so on.


The industry of industrial mobile robotics is booming now, and there are many leading champions in every unique field. At the same time, many requirements have appeared, for example, call for the development of industry standard, creating a healthy competition environment, helping industry cooperation. Under this background, the summit naming by VisionNav Robotics, in the name of “2021 Industrial Mobile Robots Forum for Unicorns in Robot Industry” that is focused on industrial automated robotics and is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, has attracted huge industrial discussion.

In the meeting, VisionNav, together with other industrial leading enterprise representatives, has discussed many topics like enterprise ecological cooperation, industrial environmental development, and supply chain management and so on. If the enterprise wants to grow in a healthy way, we should not only pay attention to the market but also care about the possible problems like the whole industry, the supply chain, and so on.

The sustainable and reliable cooperation from the upstream industrial chain, the middle industrial chain and the downstream industrial chain is necessary for the healthy development of the whole industry ecological system.


Point 4: Global AGV Business Layout Plan

In the earlier month of 2021, VisionNav has decided to build up a global team to develop the global market. We have promoted our products in the way of online and offline.

Within a year, VisionNav Robotics has successfully built global sales and service network with its reliable local partners. Dong Wen, Vice President of Global sales of VisionNav Robotics, says that “we grow rapidly this year, and the global contracts has increased more than ever. In the coming year of 2022, we are confident to promote our products to global customers and bring more efficiency in goods transportation”.



Point 5: Annual Awards Winner

At the end of 2021, VisionNav was award by some organizations and medias for our innovative technology and acclaimed service.

Looking back to 2021, a year of hard work, a year of breakthrough, and a year of harvest. Thanks to our lovely colleagues, the reliable partners and the valuable customers, each of you make VisionNav more sparkling in the era of new normal.

In the new journey of 2022, VisionNav Robotics will keep on holding our original intention, insisting on innovation, to assist more and more manufacturing companies achieve digitization and intelligence, we will also work with many other partners to build up a new ecological system of smart logistics and smart manufacture.