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VisionNav Robotics Brings Latest Driverless Forklift (AGF) To Logis-Tech Tokyo in Aichi

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Every year, VisionNav launches innovative products and solutions: "multi-layer rack stacking" solution and the "Bright-Eye" environmental monitoring system was introduced in 2019, counterbalanced truck with clamping attachments for "unmanned truck loading" solution that provoked excitement among visitors at CeMAT Asia 2020...

This year, VisionNav will bring the latest AGF (automated guided forklift) robots to “Logis-Tech Tokyo” in Aichi, Japan from March 9th to March 12th. Logis-Tech Tokyo is the largest material handling and logistics trade show in Japan, in 2018 (last edition) it attracted more than 500 companies and over 74,000 logistics professionals from all over the world.

VisionNav was founded in 2016 by a PhD team from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the University of Tokyo. Visionnav is committed to applying artificial intelligence (AI), environmental perception, deep learning and servo control technologies to driverless industrial vehicles, and providing high-performance driverless industrial vehicles and unmanned logistics solutions, helping companies achieve "machine replacing human" and improve logistics efficiency, storage capacity and digital management.

"Our products had been deployed in more than 50 large projects in China, including many difficult application scenarios, such as unmanned storage with over 9.4 meters high racks, unmanned storage with only 2.0 meters aisle, unmanned loading and unloading scenes, multi-layer racks stacking scenes and so on." said Kiki Ren, Japan sales director of VisionNav Robotics. She hopes to communicate with Japanese companies at “Logis-Tech Tokyo” about their in-deep demands and to provide better robotic products. So, what’s new with the forklifts this time that can draw visitor’s attention?

1.     Multi-layer racks stacking

Multi-layer racks stacking

This solution is based on visual recognition technology and servo control technology. The biggest difficulty is to identify different types of racks before stacking them accurately,especially it requires to stack over 5 layers, which is a great challenge for driverless forklifts to perform. At present, this solution is mainly applied in automobile manufacturing and third-party logistics.

2.     Storage with narrow aisle

Storage with narrow aisle

Recently, driverless forklifts with slim design have attracted huge attention as it can satisfy the demand of many cost-sensitive enterprises. By removing the manual driving position, forklift can become thinner. It can run within 2m narrow aisle for storage scenes, helping the enterprise improve the storage capacity by about 30%.

3.     AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot)


This AMR robot can reach ±10mm operation accuracy without auxiliary marks. It will be your perfect choice for "goods to person" operation. The system can schedule over 130 robots at the same time and dock with more than 5000 different devices, to meet different requirements in different scenarios. So far our product has been used in semiconductor and electronics industry, panel industry, pharmaceuticals industry, automobile and auto parts industry, food and other industries.

To know more features, welcome to visit VisionNav Robotics booth at No. D403!

Website: www.visionnav.com

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