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VisionNav's Cutting-Edge VNST20PRO Pallet Stacker Wows at LogiMAT 2024!

VisionNav's Cutting-Edge VNST20PRO Pallet Stacker Wows at LogiMAT 2024!

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VisionNav's Cutting-Edge VNST20PRO Pallet Stacker Wows at LogiMAT 2024!


LogiMAT 2024, the premier global exhibition for intralogistics solutions, concluded on March 21st in Stuttgart, Germany. During the event, VisionNav introduced its latest innovation, the VNST20PRO autonomous pallet stacker, serving as a revolutionary loading and unloading solution for container trucks in the European market. This unveiling garnered significant attention from European exhibitors and attendees alike.


Before the debut of VisionNav's VNST20PRO autonomous loading and unloading solution, European container truck operations predominantly relied on manual methods, conveyor belt systems, and cumbersome balance-heavy autonomous forklifts. However, these approaches were plagued by inefficiencies, limited flexibility, and high operational costs. The VNST20PRO was meticulously engineered to overcome these challenges, offering swift, secure, and efficient cargo handling services.

VisionNav's Cutting-Edge VNST20PRO Pallet Stacker Wows at LogiMAT 2024!


At the show, VisionNav presented a real-life scenario featuring container trucks, loading ramps, and double-layered pallets, effectively showcasing the pioneering nature of their solution. This demonstration underscored the advanced technology integrated into the VNST20PRO, representing a significant leap forward in the realm of autonomous forklift technology.


Compact and lightweight, the VNST20PRO is purpose-built for flat handling and leverages state-of-the-art 3D LiDAR SLAM positioning technology. When loading and unloading cargo, it optimizes truck compartment space by minimizing gaps between items. Equipped with adaptive perception technology, the VNST20PRO seamlessly accommodates various European container truck compartment sizes and navigates loading ramps with ease, ensuring pallet integrity. Integrated with the RCS central control dispatching system and the "Mingmu" system, it dynamically charts optimal routes for autonomous forklifts within truck compartments, delivering efficient and adaptable loading and unloading solutions.


With the ability to seamlessly switch between automatic and manual modes, the VNST20PRO mitigates operational delays, enhancing workflow efficiency.


The groundbreaking container truck autonomous loading and unloading solution captivated numerous attendees, who engaged in insightful discussions with VisionNav's technical and business teams. Through attentive listening and collaboration, VisionNav is poised to address evolving customer needs and forge future development opportunities.


Additionally, VisionNav showcased the VNP15 balance-heavy stacker autonomous forklift's four-layer pallet stacking technology at the exhibition. This demonstration highlighted precision sensing and servo control capabilities, catering to European customers' demands for optimized warehouse space utilization.


While LogiMAT 2024 has concluded, VisionNav's commitment to advancing internal logistics automation remains unwavering. They will persist in exploring diverse industries, advancing technological research and development, refining product services, and delivering enhanced value to their customers.